Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Laden , The Dead Terrorist

Laden , The Dead terrorist .
OSAMA BIN LADEN is dead , Thank You Mr President for making Osama Bin Laden , A dead Terrorist . The man behind the worst terror attack on this planet is dead . Brave American Soldiers punished him for his crime committed on 9/11 WTC attack. Free World should remember killing of one Osama is not the END of fight against Terrorism or End of Terror attacks.

I don’t understand why US President is taking all credits for his killing of just one helpless holed Laden. World wud have been happy if he had extended the “Op” and allowed US SEALS to put two more bullets in the head of Pakistan Army Chief and ISI Chief. These are the people who have provided shelter to worlds most Hunted terrorists. Its surprising that Laden's hideout is next to Pakistani Army Cantonment. And laden was living there for last 5 years , surprisingly this hideout is just 1 Hour drive away from Islamabad . it proves Pakistan was lying through their teeth all these years

But the big ‘Q’ is will Terror end with this . Aboslutely NO . As long the preaching of Quran is allowed on this planet , Osama or the other will be constantly breaded .  I have no hate for this Laden guy, he read the Quran and took to terrorism . Quran is source of all evil , it says  if Muslim  die waging war against infidels  in name of Jihad , then Allah will grant him 72 Virgin boys for Sex in paradise . Since then Muslims are believing this shit and dying for Islam to get their share of 72 Virgin Boys for fun . This Quran Preaching is, full of hatred and lies . So, Partly Ban it or Reform it to save Free World. The problem is not with the Muslims ,  the real Problem is this book .  So let us show sympathies for our misguided Muslim friends . Hate the Game(Quran) not the Player(Muslims).

Christian YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, had no time to pay tributes to departed soul of Hindu Saint Sri Satya Sai Baba . But for the sake of getting Muslim votes in Kadapa elections , he has rushed to Hyderabad to meet Hindu hater MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi . Will YS Jagan now go to Pakistan to pay Homage to Osama Laden?? Anything Possible with Indian Secular Politicians.

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Surinder Paul said...

1. The illustration shows OBL ( Osama Bin Laden ) in Allah's Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ). But OBL is not in Allah's Janat, he is in Allah's Jhanam ( Allah's Hell ), somewhere in the Arabian Sea, not too far from the land of Un-Civilized Bedouins, whose customs & rituals, he follows with dazzling-stupidity. The illustrations also shows Allah's Gift of a goat ( instead of 72 pristine-virgins) to him.

2. Allah might have given him a goat, but OBL did not get to keep it.

The Navy SEALS who shot him in the head, would certainly get his goat ( that is, get him annoyed & angry ), by such a dare-devil act by Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) NAVY SEALS.

Thus, Allah might have given OBL a goat, but SEALS snatched it from him.

3. It is difficult to compare this act with any other job. The Navy SEALS did a competent job, and they did it amazingly well.

Conclusion; If you want to get the goat of Osama Bin Laden like Jihadi, that is the way to do it.

Surinder Paul Attri