Friday, October 10, 2014

Women in Hindu Dharma . Part III

"Let women be always propitiated (worshipped) by their fathers and brothers, by their husbands and the brothers of their husbands, in other words, they should speak sweetly to them and provide them with good food, nice clothes and ornaments, and thereby keep them happy. Those who seek great prosperity and happiness should never inflict pain on women." 
~ Manu ( Hindu Law Giver) Manu Smrithi 3: 55 (Hindu Law Book) .
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But everything changed once Hindu-India went under the foreign rule of Muslims and Christist Britishers . Many of malpractices creeped into our Hindu system . When Mughals invaded us , with them they bought the Supremacy of Men as told in their Holy Book Quran. Later , during the British rule the misinterpretation of caste system had proved costly on Womanhood . The real suppression has started from here.

Women should understand that physical equality by all means is not possible. Feministic meaningless approach of Equality & Fight for Rights in family has dampens the relationships. In a family there are no Rights but Responsibilities.

Feminism has done more damage than reviving the quality of Women in Modern society. Talk of superior Rights led to disintegration of Families. If Feministic equality is all about money, power & position then this western concept is not applicable to Bharateeya culture. In India respect & dignity are more important than physical or materialistic equality.

What does equality mean ?? Aping the Men ??? Dressing like men , smoking/boozing like men , hair-cut like men , roam around like men ??? By doing so in the name of Equality arent women more trying to look like Men and in turn loosing her own identity. What kind of pride do feminist get by imitating Men ? Why in the name of Equality Woman should forego of being her own-self ?? Modern Woman should understand ,Being herself does not lower her outlook or dignity.

But what is the status of Women in modern India ? Who is to blame for their sorry state ??? Definitely its chauvinist mindset . Its the egoistic dirty tribe of Media & Capitalists, which have degraded the dignity of Women . In modern world , these materialists to continue their supremacy have downgraded Women by showcasing her as an Sex object. This is clever ploy invented by materialist world and spread it very fast across the globe. This theory has taken such a deep roots that plucking out has become next to impossible .

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