Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The respect we command also depends on the dress we wear ?

Why behave out of the world by dressing as if one is an Super Model ??? Just like First Love & First Kiss there is something like First Look & First Impression in vogue . Its an normal practice that most of the Humans make an opinion on others during his/her first look. Then what kind of first impression you are giving with those micro dresses ??? Do you command respect from public ?? Think, if you are making a slut look puny in comparison.

You agree/subscribe or not, World judges your every step. Be frank and answer dont you judge driver, sweeper, nurse, doctor by the dress. How much respect you give to khaki dresses, which are worn by labour/working class ?? Yep , the respect we command also depends on the dress we wear.

When out in public, wear clothes that fits (whatever size or shape) your body and compliment your outer beauty. Let your dress code be fairly simple and men (animals) mite(sic) stop ogling at you but also surprisingly may get the respect which you deserve the most.

Remember your dress may at times propel others act towards you. Its hard to admit that you probably are the innocent instigator. Having said that, i admit Men too shud behave wisely and not take half clad dressing as invitation to ogle or behave lascivious.

No matter what the dressing is, one shud understand upright that women is not just piece of meat. Its all about poverty of moral values in society. Sadly present society has less number of matured men and women who live by societal values. Need of the hour is a modern girl with blend of traditional values.

  BTW Dont Men love exposing their body, then what for 6 packs and 8 packs ???

Disclaimer : Me neither supporting ogling by men nor second the idea of telling women what to wear. They are mere my 'raw' thoughts.

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