Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's the Men who need to clothe licentious thoughts on Women dressing

Goa Minister advices Women not to wear short dresses, avoid going to pubs, stop dancing to Music. Why just Women ?? Would he suggest the same to Men ??? Agree, Women ( and Men as well) shud dress modestly and behave decently in Public. Social behavior is cultural subjectiveness and priortised over local situations.

Corporates do have dress codes but they do not heap them down on Women staff, Men too follow it.  The Male chauvinists shud understand that safeguarding Bharateeya culture is not all about enforcing restrictions on Women , but empowering them. Bharateeya culture is not about suppression of Women.

Women too shud think, will aping Western society do any good to her outlook ?? Its advisable for them to wear clothes which make them comfortable rather than being shallow and superficial. More than the Women dress, its the Men who shud cultivate thinking wisely , its high time we Men learn how to clothe vulgar thoughts.

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