Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Exposing body a feminist fight for women's rights ???

Maintaining balance between revealing the body and still following traditional values seems to be the biggest dilemma of modern woman. It shudnt be that difficult provided she knows her body and society well. If woman know what her body & self esteem is worth of, then she might not endanger her identity by too much revealing to get the attention.

On a lighter not . to make things easier for Women on %age of revealing, may be fashion gurus of respective regions shud come out and say in unanimity as to what %age of revealing is OK for the society 

Iam waiting for feminist's to give their Gyan by blaming men for being the reason for the women body expose . The Gyan wud be that Fashion industry is controlled by men and its men to feast on women body design clothes in such a fashion that women forced to reveal their maximum body Feminists Gyan may overflow to the extent of blaming media that itz dictating the fashion to women, in turn making us a "fashion doll" and may continue saying these examples show that women are still controlled by male dominance, either directly or thru fashion/media. LOL

The big Q women should ponder upon is , whether exposing body is somekind of feminist fight for their rights or to look beautiful?? Wearing clothes to cover the sensitive parts shud be strictly out of moral choice not out of some fashion compulsion or motive to get attention . If it goes on, where will it stop ?? How about in the name of individual rights someone wanna have a naked sunbath near a pond or over a open terrace ??? One has to understand that we all are bind by some unwritten societal values.

My take on exposing the body is, its not big crime to be little fashionable and in turn try to look beautiful. Show of some arm or leg, deep neck or your back , that's ok. If exposing is to get the attention of men then let me tell you that even if you show majority %age of your body mens eyes still be looking at those which you have covered. Too much expose of your parts wont arouse men , moreover it puts them off . It makes us think your are a cheap and want some cheap attention from our side and that puts us off. 

Fashion come and go but your personality remains forever with you. Guard it religiously.

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