Monday, December 1, 2014

CHIGURU-2015 an Youth-For-Seva initiative in Hyderabad.

Chiguru - 2015 calling.

The grand CHIGURU will be organised in February , Youth-For-Seva (Seva Bharati) calls all to volunteer for the cultural & social event . YFS need at least 1000 Volunteers to train kids across several competitions and organize Chiguru on the Chiguru Day. Volunteers will be suitably placed across project locations based on interest and convenience.

CHIGURU is an platform for under privilege students who live in slums of Hyderabad and for students studying in Govt schools. Nearly 5000 students from 200 locations are expected to participate in painting, elocution, dance ,yoga, talent show, sports and many more events.

Come , Be part of the Change !!

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Call Siddu 9494822118

Chiguru 2014 PIX : 

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