Monday, June 20, 2011

Telangana 'Vanta Varpu' huge success, Lakhs of Hyderabadi's came on to streets.

Hyderabad Hamara Hain !
Telangana Ka Shaan Hain !!

Politicians, Freedom fighters, Businessmen, Govt Employees, Teachers, Civil right activists, Daily laborers,  Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, IT professionals and students came along with their families together on Hyderabad's roads Sunday for 'vanta vaarpu' or a cook-and-eat agitation to demand a separate Telangana state. Hundreds of  thousands people from all walks of life set up kitchens on roads, cooked food and ate it. Men joined hands with women in helping cutting vegetables , preparing breakfast and lunch at several places in the city . This programme turned up to be a big hit , Stoves were lit in 1500 different places in Hyderabad & Secunderabad and in a rough estimation more than 20,000 stoves were lit to feed the Telangana protagonists.

Thousands of stoves were lit on the roads of HYD as part of "Hyd Cooks on the Roads" . An estimated 3-4 lakh Hyderabadi's have participated in this novel protest . Such a big number of community kitchens on roads in one particular city has never happened any time, anywhere on this planet Earth . This is some kind of World Record, and an eye opener to Seemandhra plutocrats . Interesting thing is most of them carried their own domestic gas stove and other groceries, vegetables to their nearest road. Men who never make their own Tea/Coffee at home were seen helping their wives in cutting vegetables and stirring the curry/rice on stove.

In Banjara Hills?Jubilee Hills Constituency and at Basvataraka cancer hospital almost 1000 stoves were lit . At Gun Park more than 800 stoves were lit to cook food. If this is the number at these Junction's , then Imagine how many thousands of stoves mite be burning on sunday in other parts of Hyd city .

The world history has recorded the French and Russian revolution, where the respective governments never cared for the demand of democratic self rule and ignored the majority . American revolution was the result of Colonist approach of England(Europe) where it simply looted their resources and levied heavy taxation . Now the world history has a new chapter under the category of revolution and that is of Telangana revolution, it has the aura of all the above revolutions. Like French & Russian revolution there is every chance that 'Czars' of Seemandhra govt being overthrown in a civilian “Coup”. History repeats itself coz most people are ignorant of its lessons.

Who said Telangana war is over ? The real war has just started. Tens or perhaps Hundred’s of thousands have took to the streets of Hyderabad on Sunday to express their solidarity with  Telangana warriors. After watching the pictures on my TV screen , I can say with  authority that there’s something in AIR in Telangana . A ‘Fury’ which I and many people in my region can sense it .That can lead to an big explosion which will burn the present dictatorial regime seems to be inevitable , unless the demand for separate state is fulfilled . Compared to Million March , a better sense seems to have prevailed over Seemandhra Police. Like last few months this time they did not dared to unleash state-terror which wud have the consequences of violent , entrenched and impudent and may have led to horrible results.

The sudden rise of Telangana tide in Hyderabad city on Sunday has blocked the minds of SA-Media & Seemandhra Plutocrats. They never expected such a high uprising for Telangana in an cosmopolitan Hyderabad city.  The questions that continued to disturb them are : How cud T-JAC organise ‘Cook and Eat’ program on such a massive scale ? How cud Hyderabad middle class people comprising women who are always shy to participate in any protest ever have sided with the Telangana revolutionaries on Sunday ?? How the unity was achieved in the class driven society , that from IAS officers to Hamali’s (daily wagers) dined , danced ,cheered , clapped  for Telangana cause, forgetting their Class disparities?  In their hearts, SA-Media & Plutocrats now acknowledge that this revolution is one of the biggest seismic event in Independent India , that has devastating effect to uproot their corrupt-dictatorial regime from Telangana .

 The narcissistic propaganda of SA-Media that Telangana sentiment has no place in cosmopolitan like city Hyderabad , now stands shattered with the success of ‘Vanta Varpu’(cook & eat on streets) program .The chains of slavery induced by Seemandhra Plutocrats in Hyderabad city is now seen broken by the Telangana revolutionaries . The high rise of tide of “self rule” is very much evident today on the streets of Hyderabad with the massive participation of civil society in “Vanta-Varpu” (cook & eat on streets) .  With grand success of Vanta-Varpu , the morale of Telangana revolutionaries is understandably  very high, for their noble cause of self rule , dignity , and freedom of their region.

The greatest achievement of this ‘Vanta-Varpu’ is that , though lakhs of people have come out on to streets not one Seemandhra felt insecure or threatened . Its worth a mention that many of Seemandhra settlers in kukatpally ,Ameerpet & LB Nagar  have voluntarily participated in Vanta-Varpu and extended their support for Telangana cause. This has clearly exhibited that ordinary Semmandhraite living for their livelihood in Hyderabad has no reservations of what so ever against Telangana formation .

Seemandhra governmet has tried its level best to create the obstacles by warning of stern actions if stoves are lit on streets , but that dint stopped Telanganite’s to come on to streets.  There will be more obstacles created by Seemandhra regime on the way to Telangana formation, but make no mistake all such obstacles will be overcome by the Telangana Warriors triumphantly. With this kind of spirit, Telangana will be Free from Slavery very soon .

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