Friday, June 10, 2011

My Beatiful Rain .

Thank You, My Beautiful Rain !!!

I have seen clouds gathering in sky , Dark clouds have descended over the city. It rained heavily, first rain of the season was bit stormy this morning . Rain is one of the few things that make me Happy. Rainy days are lovely, Its pure pleasure for me. It makes my mood , it unlocks  passion . I am always mesmerized by rain fall. And just to make me Happy , Rain is here, Thank You, My Beautiful Rain .

Wot a relief, when rain drops touches your skin after hot blistering summer. It really awesome feeling to get drenched in rain and  have all the fun , where as others run to hide under shelters. I also love sitting inside, watching the rain trickle down my window, as I listen to my favourite music and bite hot bajjiya and pakora’s (eateries) with a cup of hot tea.

After scorching heat and dust now its play time to get drenched in rain . The coolness just before and after rain fall is so soothing. Its so refreshing . How beautiful is this 'City Shower' which is taking away the heat, dust and bringing much needed coolness. And when Rain rinses your hair it is a diff feeling altogether. I love those droplets when they fall and kiss your face . And I enjoy seeing water dripping down drop by drop from Leaves tip , that’s a treat to eye’s . Not to forget Rain brings beautiful Rainbow .
I'am an 'avid' rain sniffer, I sniff  the smell of mud as long as its in Air . I like smell of mud after rain, it’s my all time favourite. It smells good after first rain hits the soil. When Smell of the mud hits my nostrils instantly creates the mood and is just earth-shattering and life altering . There's no match to this smell of mud . I always have a strong urge to 'bottle it' (smell of mud) and save it .

Rain in cities when falls on parked cars, canopies, on tin roofs, it is  very noisy but musical. It’s mother nature’s music, its so original .  The sound rain makes while touching the ground is like a soothing music to ears, blissfully,  its natures own musical concert . It’s the most beautiful sound ever I heard , I like the pitter-patter noise of rain. The feel is too good !!   There is something romantic about Rain, which I’am not able to express it , its not easy to explain .

The first Rain in cities , I was told is bit hazardous and Acidic coz of rampant pollution. So it better to stay inside and watch thru window, rather to get drenched in acidic rain and get sick. So sometimes science knowledge can play spoil sport.

I remember my childhood days when I was  not allowed to go out in rain by my parents . I cud not understand then why they stop me, but was always miffed at not being allowed to drench and get wet. Whenever it start to rain, I wud always sit by the  side of window and watch drops tickling down the window and rivulets forming . Once the rivulets form, I use to hope for Rain to stop , so that I can make paper boats and see it navigating in those rivulets . Not just rivulets , I also loved puddles , I always watched my own reflection in those puddles and throw small pebbles to watch my reflection as ripples formed. When I get bore watching Rain , I wud count thunders/lightening .

As a child those funful memories of walking in rain, splashing in puddles are still fresh in mind . Rain during schooldays was a good excuse to bunk school and stay at home, do nothing. I remember once I asked my father what was the rattling/rumbling sound during the lightening in sky . May be then he was in a funny mood and said its “Ratham" (chariot) of Lord Krishna and Arjuna , both are passing by and that’s the sound of Ratham wheels “ . I really believed it until my science teacher explained me . Even today when I hear that rattling/rumbling sound, first thing that strikes my mind is of Lord Krisha’s Ratham.

  Unlike Coastal Andhra , here in Telangana,  Rain is not that strong or windy. But at times, as a result of squalls, trees are uprooted and power supply gets disrupted, still it(squalls) clears of very easily.  With hot humid summer gone now  we don’t need to close all window’s and turn on A/c , that in turn burns our pocket . Hereafter we all can sleep cool(good) with windows open and fresh cool air gushing in .

With first rain of the season hitting the ground, I’am signing off with windows open for a cool breeze to take over me for a gud nite sleep. I wish you guys sleep good too !!

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