Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is Rain angry at us ??

Mother Nature angry with us all ??

Rain  Is Moody, If Not Angry ?? She(monsoon) was supposed to be here by now, but changed the plan and went absconding .  Is this delay of Monsoon the result of Global warming ?? Rain was good before, and was on time, until Mankind played with Mother Nature. Remember we have only one Planet to live on. So lets learn to live in harmony with Mother nature.
It has been 15 days since it Rained first and unusually for July season, no sign of it coming back. Dry spells loom large over the area. The much awaited rains are nowhere tobe seen, it look’s like Rainy season is late this year. On daily basis clouds gather in the sky to tease us, blinks at us and vanishes without coming down . This has caused lot of pain to me. Its not the Hot & Humid weather Iam worried about, but the fate of Farmers who have already sowed their seed's and eagerly waiting to see their land in wet. Thought of those farmers who are on verge of losing this season crop bring's unbearable pain unto me.
As I travel to my Home Town during my Weekends , I spend quite a time standing at Train door watching the country side. As for my eye cud see, the paddy/cotton fields are empty on both the sides of railway track. I’am sadden to see farmers toiling in fields  and Rain playing a spoil sport with his destiny. Farmer have planted paddy/cotton just after the first rain hit the soil , but because of no rain in fortnight they are forced to “replant” the seeds, this has burdened their budget heavily. My poor farmers who feed the country live in very extreme conditions.  If those hovering clouds show some mercy and come down before the end of this month, which I expect it will, then my farmers are saved.

When first Rain hit the ground, I was jubilant and my heart danced in happiness. As I said in my old post, I loved those pitter-platter noise of Rain. Little did I know then, that it can with held its journey toward me and cause me the trauma. All these years I thought someone I knew since ages, is the only fickle minded in this Universe, now it looks like she has the company of Rain, that makes TWO in my life.

As I sit at my office desk and see light dimming outside thru the tinted window glass panes, I come out of office, in hope of rainfall. I scramble my neck and turn my face towards those clouds hanging above to come down and kiss my face. It did come but not in the number, I wanted. It was just for brief, drizzled and stopped for no particular reason. Now it has become a routine job daily morning for me to watch Satellite pictures and Weather report in anticipation of Rain. These weather reports have become a big joke and mocking. No one these days take seriously Met-Dept broadcasting of rainfall day after day, as those reports never materializes.

O' My Rain , My Beautiful Rain, do come down once. You been blinking at me for a fortnight now, but never come down to be with me . Pl unlock the skies and start pouring over me. Let my Heart quicken by your presence . Come down to bring smile on my face, Come down to quench the thirst of soil, Come down to enrich it with green vegetation and Come down to make the destiny of my poor farmers. O’ my Beautiful Rain, Please come down once.

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