Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sonia Gandhi, MM Singh austerity call is a big fake

Sonia Gandhi's austerity call a Fake.

Our Incumbent Prime Minister Manmohan Singh feels that he can beat the Inflation with Cost-Cutting . May be he had a wild dream of ever rising Inflation last nite and immediatly gave a call for Austerity. Pity, our UPA Govt works more on assumption rather on clear cut planning. Now cost-cutting is on top of the priorties of Manmohan's Govt. But who cares.....even after a desperate SoS call from PM himself, many of Central ministers left for foreign trips . Such is the status of our dummy PM .
I wonder to what extent these small measures of putting brakes on foreign trips , cutting over-head expences of ministries etc will help to over come crisis . I feel arresting Political and Burecratic corruption , bringing out ill-gotten black money of Industrialist will for sure make a diiference at this time of fuel crisis and inflation . This will boost confidence of common man and install sort of discipline among citizens . How about starting this campaign from 10 janpath Soorpanaka-Sonia Gandhi residence by making her surrender her ill-gotten money of Bofors deal and the bribes she took from Russia's secret agency KGB .


Sonia Gandhi Austerity call is a big Drama .
courtesy : IBNlive.

The Congress-led UPA Government is on an austerity drive. UPA chief Sonia Gandhi flew down to Mumbai on an Air India flight and traveled in Economy class. But add to the expenses, the costs of fares for five rows reserved for the security personnel and the three SUVs flown down to Mumbai by another aircraft at the cost of rupees three lakh.

Sonia Gandhi's status of ‘the most guarded VIP in Delhi’ necessitated that she travels with security personnel. The total expenses of the economy class travel with 15 seats in all were Rs 55,000 compared to the travel in business class with six security personnel at the cost of Rs 62,000. The savings were a mere Rs 7,000.


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Travel in third class coach , Lalu ‘s advice to Sonia, PM on austerity

For the first time in 16 years, RJD chief Lalu Prasad on Tuesday attacked Congress president Sonia Gandhi on an issue which is bound to hurt her most. As the Congress party and the UPA Government made much song and dance about the so-called `austerity’ drive, Lalu suggested that Sonia as well as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should travel in unreserved compartment and undertake padyatra to set the Gandhian example of ‘austerity’.

read more : http://www.dailypioneer.com/202718/Austerity-drive-Lalu-unimpressedwants-PMSonia-to-take-train.html

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I think communists/far-left-loonies/pseudo-secularists are resorting to innovative methods in their psychological war against Gujaratis.

Until the by-elections they tried the accusations of communalism/religious-fanaticism. As it didn't work they are using the accusation of Male-Chauvinistic-Pig/ uncivilized-barbarindians/lechs etc.

This is no different from the Imperial British propaganda to paint Indians as barbarians and thus rationalize their illegitimate rule to civilize them.

PS: These days I am kind of concluding that most of news items on MSM, esp on prime-time are congress-organized-tamashas to serve congress' interests.

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Recently we learned that Narendra Modi will be taking over Gujarat Cricket Board from Congress.

So does congress control of GCB explain 3 gujarati muslims in Indian Cricket team?


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Agree with you Ashok. I have stopped watching & reading English MSM .. not worth it ...

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YSR displayed strong feudal tendencies.

Land was close to his heart and there were allegations that he had added to his estate in native Pulivendula by grabbing forest land. An unprecedented number of scams hit the state during his regime including the Volkswagen scandal in which the state government paid Rs 11.5 crore to the person masquerading as a representative of the German company.

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