Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why did Iran choose India as venue for its vengeance ??

Long Live ISRAEL !! Long Live Free World !!! Yesterday Israel diplomat came under terror attack in an VVIP Zone in Delhi. It is assumed that a Bomb was sticked to Car by 2 ppl riding a bike and blew it . This kind of assasinations are mostly done by CIA . when I heard of attack on Israel diplomat , the first thing that stuck me was MAGNET bomb . Last month I have written on this Blog how Israels MOSSAD allegedly  assassinated an IRAN Nuclear Scientist in Tehran. Then, IRAN Prez has vowed to take the revenge. All that is OK , but why an foreign country has chosen India as its Play ground for vengeance and that too near our Prime Minister residence?? Friends, its not as simple as it looks, this act was pre planned by STATE (Iran). What's the message Iran want to send to India by carrying a terror act in an VVIP zone ?? Did you notice Indian Home Minister has not yet surfaced since the blast ?? Where are those Hourly bulletins ??? The most IMP point to ponder is , did Hezbollah find a Foothold in India ?? if YES that a Bad News.

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