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Is Gandhi really our "Rashtrapita"

Is Gandhi really our "Rashtrapita" ?

Series of articles that will reveal how Gandhi's lust for Muslim leadership
exceeded any of his other priorities. Throughout this article we have mentioned
Gandhi as merely Gandhi and not Mahatma Gandhi as we strongly believe he was
unfit for the title.

Gandhi's efforts to make Hindus learn Urdu instead of Sanskrit / Mother tongue:

Gandhi's policy of Muslim appeasement can be easily seen by his love for Urdu.
Gandhi took the initiative to "father" a new language called as
"Hindusthani"(urdu). First he announced his intentions of spreading "Hindi".
Then began his rattle of "Hindi and Hindusthani" being one and the same.
Everyone then knew that there isn't any such language called "Hindusthani". That so called language had neither any grammar nor vocabulary ! It was nothing but alocal spoken language, a child of Hindi and Urdu. Gandhi urged that Hindusthanibe the National Language of Hindusthan. Owing to the strange language, verbal perversions like "Badshah Ram", "Begum Seeta" and "Ustad Vasisht" began to get propagated and Gandhi surprisingly encouraged them. Then began Gandhi's

encouragement to learn Urdu, as Hindusthani and Urdu were only “slightly”
different. Unfortunately for Gandhi and his secularist gang, the Hindu Populace
still had strong sentiments for Sanskrut and the Hindi Parishad marked Gandhi's
doom as a linguisitic politician, wherein he had to resign.

(Authors : Gopal Godse and Balarao Savarkar)

Kuraan-E-Shareef read at Function: Acharya Vinobha Bhave, the first
Satyaagrahi(unfortunately), read out the KuraaneShareef at the function
organized in Nagpur Chatralaya. This news had been published in the newspaper

(N.B Khare's "Dambhsphot" Translated. N B Khare's letter to Gandhi. )

Ban on ShivBaavani :
ShivBaavani is a small inspiring poem written by poet Bhushan composed of 52 stanzas on Shivaji Maharaj. In the poem, the poet has written that if Shivaji hadn't been born, entire Bharat would have beenconverted to Islam. "Kashiji ki Kala Jaati | Mathura masheed hoti | Shivaji na hotey to Sunnat hoti Sabki |" are the words the poet has used and they correctly depict the fierce fundamentalism and intolerance preached within Islam. Gandhi imposed a ban on this poem to keep the sentiments of our "Muslim Brothers".

(Ref: "sacrifice of 55 crores" by Gopal Godse)

Stopping the singing of Vande Mataram for appeasing Muslims

Gandhi was never interested in the sentiments or feelings of Hindus. He was only interested in becoming the accepted "leader" of Muslims. In his extreme lust forMuslim leadership, he hurt the sentiments of Hindus several times, repeatedly and trampled them over and over again. A few Muslims hated this song and for them, Gandhi immediately took the policy of stopping the Vande Mataram Song.

This song had proved an inspiration for the youth in those days. Bengali
community almost worshipped the song, yet Gandhi cared more for the Muslims thanfor Bengalis or Nation's youth ! Just because a handful of Muslims objected,disregarding the Nationalist sentiments in the song, Gandhi forcibly pushed down his morsel of stopping Vande Mataram down the throats of National Congress. His beliefs of Hindu Muslim unity meant, surrender, boot-licking and donating whatever was asked for, even if it meant that the remaining non-muslim population had to bear consequences!

(Ref : "sacrifice of 55 crores" by Gopal Godse)

Dishonoring the National Flag and National Song for Muslim appeasement

Barrister Jinna, the president of Muslim League demanded a ban on "Vande
Mataram" in 1938. Gandhi had written in Harijan that he wouldn't like any
arguments between Hindus and Muslims regarding Vande Mataram. Gandhi who had been using Vande Mataram in all his letters and speeches himself abandoned VandeMataram and forced the whole Nation to abandon Vande Mataram. The Indian National Congress committee in 1940 announced a decision that the words "VandeMataram" and "Bhagva Tiranga" should not be used by congress members thereafter in any public speeches/ announcements. The two words, which had the potential to ignite a spontaneous wave of patriotism among the Bengalis and prevented the splitting of Bengal, were banned by congress.

("Vande Mataram : Itihas va Katha" by Shri Amarendra Gadgil)

"Aurangzeb and Shivaji will form a Hindi Rashtra !" - Gandhi (Mahatma ?)

From 1920 onwards, Gandhi began a new stunt. He began preaching, "Aurangzeb was
a resident of our Nation for many years. He mustn't be hated, instead Aurangzeb
and Shivaji can together form a Hindi Rashtra".

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