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Himsa for upholding of Dharma is Ahimsa

Every living being has a soul (aatmaa) with its body. This aatmaa is qualitatively identical with paramaatmaa (the Supreme God). Quantitatively an aatmaa is very small compared to paramaatmaa. An aatmaa is to paramaatmaa just as a small spark of fire is to an inferno, or a drop of water is to the ocean.

When an aatmaa bundles itself with desires, then it is called a jiva. Obviously, jivas are different because their desires are very different. Until one realizes god, gets aatma darshan, one is a jiva. Now let us compare a Muslim jiva and a Gandhian (deluded Hindu) jiva.

A Muslim wants to convert the Gandhian or any kafir, or kill him. Obviously this is adharma, and the Muslim, therefore, is an adharmi. He wants to take away the freedom of the kafirs, and take over their land, rule over them, destroy kafirs' temples, etc.

A Gandhian will say this to a Muslim: "It is my right to be a Hindu or a kafir, and I will not convert to Islam. Being a Gandhian - satyaagrahi - I will not harm you no matter what. If you want to kill me, kill, but I will not fight with you violently."

A Gandhian does not want to convert a Muslim or any one. He does not want to destroy mosques or madresas. He wishes that all become Gandhians like him, but he has no power over the brutes like Muslims. Only some cowards choose to follow him and become Gandhians.

A Muslim can choose to do violence and adharma, and this Gandhian has no power to stop this adharma. A Gandhian is a nicer guy than a Muslim, but he values his life less than the life of an adharmi Muslim. No Vedic scripture or Gita -THE BOOK OF HINDU DHARMA - says that the value of life of an adharmi is more than the value of life of one who is not an adharmi. Therefore, a Gandhian is not acting per Vedic dharma.

If all the Hindus were Gandhians, then Pak will take over Bharat just in one day without any fight. Not only that, the Muslims will kill all the Gandhians and take over their lands and property. This will be so easy for them because they know that no one will cause any harm to them, and the Gandhians will come forward to them to be killed in the spirit of satyagraha. One can see that this is sheer nonsense and foolish.

The Vedic people value ahimsa, but know when himsa is required to protect dharma and dharmis. The Muslims value himsa only and they have experienced for 1000+ years that the benefit of himsa is taking over others' lands, lives, and properties.

When a Gandhian is killed by a Muslim, the jiva of Gandhian does not get mukti or svarga, because the Gandhian lost the body he needed to do saadhanaa to get mukti. No body, no saadhanaa; no saadhanaa, no mukti or svarga.

Krishna says that by fighting to uphold dharma, one gets svarga.

"O son of Kunti, either you will be killed on the battlefield and attain the heavenly planets, or you will conquer and enjoy the earthly kingdom. Therefore get up and fight with determination." -Krishna/Gita 2-37

What all Hindus must understand is that the Himsa which is done in accordance with Dharma is Ahimsa. Conversely, the Ahimsa which is done in contravention of Dharma is, strictly speaking, Himsa.

Thus the Gandhivadi who imagines that he is doing Ahimsa by refusing to fight is encouraging Adharma and ultimately practising Himsa against himself and against his fellow Hindus.

The community or nation is more important than the individual. A man may commit suicide so long as his action has no adverse effect on his community. But if a Hindu commits suicide by allowing a Muslim/Christian/Maoist to kill him, then he encourages Adharma, harms his community, and therefore commits a crime.

The fact is that, in Hindu Law, Ahimsa is not an absolute law but only a general law. And every general law is contradicted by the particular laws concerned with particular situations where the general law does not apply.

In consequence, those who are Ahimsa-fanatics are in fact transgressing against the Law of Dharma and must be punished as criminals and traitors. By eliminating Ahimsavadis from our ranks we will achieve the unity and the strength that we need to win the war against Adharma.

Look and visualise the destruction caused to the Hindu psyche by Fraud Gandhi.We at and hindus across several fora have to discuss this moot point.

When will the old decadent destructive theory of fraud g vanish from a hindu's mind cannot be guessed,hope it is soon.

The himsa, killings, destructions, and all adharma of Islam cannot be checked by any movement of ahimsa, as long as Islam has resources to do their killings, and adharma. There is one excepton:

Economic boycott of Muslims to force them give up Islam.

Buddha succeeded in stopping king Ashok fighting in the war of kaling even when Ashok was wnning. This is due to the Vedic samskaras of Ashok.

No one in the total history of Islam invasions and conquests any one has succeeded in stopping them from doing himsa. The world always had dalai lama, panchan lama and the jain arihanas living, even kabir and nanak. None even attempted to stop the himsa of Islam, as it was not possible.

Sikhs have fougnt Islam and have checked Islam himsa with himsa. The kingdom of Ranjitsingh was far wide and included afghanista, and perhaps iran.

The whole world can boycott Islam. This may ignite Islam himsa, but then the world will need to be prepared to deal with it successfully.

Economic boycott is possible at a very small basic levels as well. It is worht doing.

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