Friday, March 30, 2007

Pandit Ji - Gandhi Ji

Bandit Ji - Gandhu ji

What pathetic men. Nehru a loser drug addict, smoker, womanizing muslim. Ghandhi a pathetic weak, delusional, malnourished, christian. These idiots are the heros that have been forced upon ignorant Hindus by British and secular media. While a real man like veer savarkar is hated by Hindus. Let me tell you about veer savarkar, he was strong forced to push a mill stone that weighed tons for years by the British on andaman Islands, while they whipped him. He was brave jumped out of a ship in the middle of the sea hundreds of miles away from land and swam to shore so he could fight in the freedom movement.

I doubt Gandhi had the strength to lift his arms overhead, I doubt drug addict smoker nehru could even run in place for 5 seconds, but Savarkar he swam hundreds of mile so he could fight for Hindu religion. Third Savarkar was a true Hindu and started the first pan Hindu temple where he himself trained and installed the lowest casts as priests on purpose so they would not be taken advantage of and his temples were open to all Hindus period, even if you are martian from planet mars or from other galaxy. This is definitely kali yug where the sickest of the vile like Gandhi and Nehru are worshipped and the most honorable, brave, strong and righteous like Savarkar are mocked.


September 1944 Bombay, two cowardly skrony pieces of shit Gandhi talks over Jinnahs overtures for a Pakistan


Anonymous said...

U SUK!!!

Anonymous said...

We need more secular people. People like you are a burden on country

Anonymous said...

Hi,I just want to tell u one thing that dont go to anybody's personal life,and dont compare national leaders.Whatever they are in there personal life but they all wanted india's just respect them,because u can not judje them by theire decisions for india,because you dont have those circumstances infront of u...I love gandhiji,and nehru and savarkar and all those who have respect for India...Dont waiste ur time for what is done waiste it on what has to be done...


Anonymous said...

2 words fit fr u aptly: F**K YOU

and if just in case you are susceptible to suggestions(tho that seems a distant possibility aftr reading your post), :
incomplete knowledge is really dangerous, so get your facts right before posting any bullshit!

and for heaven's sake, don't YOU teach us history!