Friday, April 20, 2007

True Picture of Missionaries!

Conversions of Hindus is nowadays the popular talk in media,
But what a pity many comment on it without having any idea,

As they don't use their senses,
They don't think about its consequences,

Many blindly support the Christian missionaries,
Who in reality are dangerous visionaries,

Now u may ask a obvious question,
That how can missionaries cause destruction,

So let me give u an example,
Which to understand is easy and simple,

Suppose if I was an ISI agent,
And u an Indian who needed money very urgent,

And I would give the money to u,
Asking in return from u a favor to do,

Some favor that shall be harmful to the nation,
But in return I would end ur starvation,

So is it something that u would justify,
That for ur happiness u make others die,

If no then tell me my friend,
What are the results of this conversion trend,

Although helping poor people is right,
Its wrong to later instigate them to fight,

India is getting affected by church sponsored terrorism,
Which exposes the missionary's barbarism,

Although the missionaries give Hindus some bread,
But in return they ask for their fellow Hindus dead,

If missionaries were one's who really wanted to help the poor in need,
Then why would they ever ask anything in return for their noble deed,

The real giving is a giving,
When in return u don't get or expect anything,

So my dear Hindus realize the danger,
And understand the reason for our anger,

We know the missionaries are here for a reason,
To spread Christianity in India like poison,

So the next time u support a Christian missionary,
Remember that ur supporting an anti-Indian visionary,

Who in return for his noble deed,
Would ask the converts to make other Hindus bleed,

So dear Hindus lets unite today and fight with determination,
The Christian missionaries who are the true enemies of our Nation!


Anonymous said...

Christian Missionaries started the best schools and the best hospitals in India and now after reaping the benefits you will kill them! So typical!
Yes , they come with the intent of preaching the Gospel, the good news of Christ...people are attracted to the good news, a religion which is free of castes...NOT all the goodies are for the Bhramins...maybe now people have the chance of being treated like human beings, they are hopeful , now they are thinking about Salvation, about life after death ...yes missionaries have brought money and clothing and books and medicine, they have infact left their comfortable places, clean homes and good medical care to come to India to share with the less fortunate so let us all kill them because how dare they!!! Are you thinking logically?!
I am sure not one missionary has forced hindus to convert at knife point or gun point!! Now if hindus are in need of financial help and try to suck up to the missionaries by embracing chritianity I would hope people in India have the freedom to chose! Maybe all hindus with money can go give money to the christians and maybe some Chritians will come over to your side?!! Freedom to chose. Yes, absolutely, missionaries have the intention of preaching the Gospel. Conversion is an individulas choice. Choice is a right of the poor, middle-class and the rich!Ann

Anonymous said...

I want hindus to live in my mother land