Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Conversion an act of aggression against Hindus

Conversion is indeed an act of aggression against Hindus.

The problem is that these days Hindus convert without being forced to do so. They think that changing religion is like changing your shirt.

As usual, it is our self-appointed leaders who are responsible for this situation as they have chanted the mantra "All Religions Are The Same" since the days of the British Occupation and before.

In contrast, Muslim leaders tell their followers that conversion to other religions is punishable with Hell in the afterlife and with death in this life.

The situation will never change until our leaders do the same and punish all Hindus who become traitors and who give up Sanatana Dharma which is the True Religion.

After all, if treason to your country is a criminal offence punishable by law, then so must be treason to the True Religion.

This is why we need Hindu laws to put an end to the conversion of Hindus. There is no other way.

Meanwhile, unofficial Hindu Courts must be established to deal with the criminals as well as Hindu Schools to teach people what they can and what they can not do.


Anonymous said...

Respected sir/madam
I really truly respect the work and the effort you put into this blog.
I wish with the blessings of gods(Hindu gods= gods) you continue on your holy mission of spreading the true and unfortunate state of Hinduism in this country. God willingly we will triumph.
jai hind.

Livvy said...

Good post.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... let us make India, a Taliban :-) Grow up dude... still there are lot of poor ppl in our steets, still there are children and women trapped in Mumbai's red light area, still there are plenty who commit suicide, beacuse they are overburdened with Debt - do something dude, they need it, they don't need your sananthana dharma, they need your help, don't do it as a cometition to Chirstians and accuse them of bribing them to christainity, but be happy that your fellow brethren can live because somebody has sacrificed; I'm a proud christian, I take care of a Hindu kids education, not because I want him to be a christian, but because he deserves!! Get involved dude, think of larger issues, there are ppl who deserve to live...hope you understand!!

Anonymous said... many Gods do you have? What is the way to Salvation as a hindu? How many good works must I do inorder to please the Gods? If I sin today will I be born as a rat in my after life? How many times will have to go through these birth and death cycles? Why has't any one God in Hinduism taken care of Salvation for me if he or she loves me?? Why can I not have any assurance as to where my soul will be after death? Will it be born as a Russian, as a crab, what, what? How many rituals do I need to partake in? Salvation is a one step process...Jesus died for your sins but He also rose on the 3rd day and defeated death so that if you believe in Him you will join Him in heaven when you die. Thanks to my God I am NOT required, or demanded to do rituals, sacrificial acts etc...I may donate money to my church, I may help a poor lady with her hospital bills BUT I am not required to do anything to gain entry into heaven...what a wonderful thought...a God with answers...A God who sacrificed not asking me to sacrifice myself (Salvation through Christ not Salvation through works...somebody can always outdo you!!!!) I have one thing in common with you Sir, I really do not appreciate people who say all religions are equal or that all Gods are the same...having said that, I do not advocate hating other religions the Bible the first commandment says 'Thou shalt worship no other Gods before me. I am a jealous God.' Basically no man can serve two masters. Some people may think because Christ took care of Salvation, they can now do anything they like, sleep with many women, not take care of their family etc etc...but people forget Salvation is not an external act alone...Christ knows your heart!!! Again I quote, many are called but few will enter the Kingdom of God. When Hindus in Orissa and Assam are beheading christians those christians who stand up for Christ, their rewards are many in heaven. One more thing, Christmas is again created by man...Nobody knows the exact date of the birth of Christ...but we know Christ was born and is alive in Heaven and today we wait for him to come again. I hope one day you will know Christ as your personal savior. Best. Ann.

Ronald said...

Dear Writer,

You are writing well, but you should know the fact,It is Hinduism who had changed lot of Christian around the world.Sages from India go to US and UK and extreme other parts of world to spread Hinduism, any of the Government have protested ??? No way Coz they know it is the part of religion, to spread the news. There are millions are Hindu Trust in US and UK any one of them Harmed ?? no certainly. What do these Sages do there ?? enjoying foreign ladies ,,, is this Hinduism taught ??