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Ghandu ji - An Hypocrate

1. 'The Mahabharat is mythological', said Gandhi!
Gandhi's picture where he is dressed in a loincloth, with a copy of the Bhagwad Gita at his side - is a common sight throughout India . Gandhi did not accept Sri Krishna as God, but as a man with exceptional qualities.

Gandhi believed that Mahabharata was a work of fiction and that it did not actually take place. He said, 'Pandav's and Kaurav's are in reality the conflict between good and bad tendencies within us. Pandav's are the good tendencies and Kauravs, the bad ones',

In the Eleventh Chapter of Gita, it is said that Lord Krishna shows His formidable form to Arjuna. According to Gandhi this chapter was interpolated, meaning that it was not there in the original Gita and that someone appended it later. The same Gandhi, it is said, discovered 'Yoga of non-attachment' from the same Bhagwad Gita! It is said that he discovered Satyagraha from Gita as well!

'Burn the treatises on Gita, which do not acknowledge Lord Krishna to be the Supreme God.' - Gurudev, Dr. Kaate Swami ji (Ghangarjit, January 2006)

2. Gandhi said, 'Idols of Deities do not have any powers'!
(Mahatma?) Gandhi said, 'the Idols of Deities do not have any powers. It is very dangerous to believe that the idol which is prayed to and worshiped protects the devotee and that it cures him of physical and emotional ailments.'

His words are - 'The belief in the curative powers of idols is dangerous' (Truth Vol. I P, 359) Understand how dangerous is Gandhi himself. We should pity Gandhi.

'It is a shameful for Hindus that Hindu Gandhi was responsible for shattering the faith of Hindus.' - Gurudev Dr. Kaate swami ji (Ghangarjit, May 2005)

3. Gandhi - Destroyer of Hindu traditions!
Gandhi used to say, 'A pure hearted person can explain the true meaning of our Scriptures!' On this premise he destroyed Hindu Traditions. This is Gandhi's explanation!

In his commentary the Dutch missionary Elst writes, 'The theologians versed in Sanskrit grammar and scriptures are not the best guides to interpret the text? What right did Gandhi have in asking Hindus to behave against the Scriptures?

- Gurudev Dr. Kaate swami ji (Ghangarjit, April 2005)

4. Gandhi, Nehru and their Congress - responsible for Atheist Hindus!
It is because of Gandhi, Nehru and their Congress that secularism was fabricated and God and righteousness were thrown out of our Constitution and Governance. The atheist attitude seeped into every sector all over the country.

There was an egoistic propaganda that since Science had to a large extent destroyed our faith in God and religion, therefore Science is God. - Gurudev Dr. Kaate swami ji (Ghangarjit, August 2005)

5. Gandhi opposed Science and the Hindu religion!
"It is a lie that Gandhi brought to the fore Charkha, Khadi and cottage industry to check the process of modernization and so promoted the Hindu culture. The Charkha does not find mention anywhere in ancient literature. It has no place in Sanatan Hindu culture. The Charkha, spinning yarn, and Khadi were meant to support the approach, 'We will spin our Charkha to win our Independence '. This idea was borrowed from the Western writer Tolstoy. Gandhi's promotion of cottage industry etc. was in opposition to Modernization. He brought the Charkha to check Modernization. All this is anti-Hindu. Hindustan was far advanced in Science and Technology over thousands of years. There is no difference between scientific progress and the spirituality of a Hindu.' - Gurudev Dr. Kaate swami ji (Ghangarjit, January 2006)

6. Gandhi read the Koran in a Hindu Temple !
The atrocious oppression of Hindus in Naukhali during the rule of (the then Chief Minister of Bengal ) Surawardy in mid 1946 made our blood boil. And when Gandhi sided with the same Surawardy and addressed him as 'Shahid Saheb' (a martyr) later in his prayer meetings, our shame and anger knew no bounds. When Gandhi went to Delhi he held his prayer meetings in a temple in the sweepers colony. Ignoring the protests of the priest he insisted on reading a passage of the Koran as part of the prayer meeting. It was easy for him to trample upon the feelings of the tolerant Hindus.

I wanted to prove to Gandhi that his approach was wrong and wanted to convince him that if Hindu honour was trampled upon, the Hindus could become intolerant. - Shri. Nathuram Godse

(Ref: Panchavan Kotinche Bali ' ('Slaughter of 55 crores'), Author: Shri. Gopal Godse)

7. Gandhi's efforts to make Hindus learn Urdu instead of Sanskrit / Mother tongue
Gandhi's policy of Muslim appeasement can be easily seen by his love for Urdu. Gandhi took the initiative to "father" a new language called as "Hindustani"(Urdu). First he announced his intentions of spreading "Hindi". Then began his rattle of "Hindi and Hindustani" being one and the same. Everyone then knew that there isn't any such language called "Hindustani". That so called language had neither any grammar nor vocabulary! It was nothing but a local spoken language, a child of Hindi and Urdu. Gandhi urged that Hindustani be the National Language of Hindusthan. Owing to the strange language, verbal perversions like "Badshah Ram", "Begum Seeta" and "Ustad Vasisht" began to get propagated and Gandhi surprisingly encouraged them. Then began Gandhi's encouragement to learn Urdu, as Hindusthani and Urdu were only "slightly" different. Unfortunately for Gandhi and his secularist gang, the Hindu Populace still had strong sentiments for Sanskrit and the Hindi Parishad marked Gandhi's doom as a linguistic politician, wherein he had to resign. Gandhi has destroyed pure Sanskritnist Hindi to a great extent. Most of the media use too many Urdu words in Hindi. It is hard to listen pure Hindi in Bhaarat.

(Authors : Gopal Godse and Balarao Savarkar)

8. Kuraan-E-Shareef read at Function
Acharya Vinobha Bhave, the first Satyaagrahi (unfortunately), read out the Kuraane Shareef at the function organized in Nagpur Chatralaya. This news had been published in the newspaper "Independent".

(N.B Khare's "Dambhsphot" Translated. N B Khare's letter to Gandhi. )

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was in fact a Duratma [evil person] and not a Mahatma [great/holy person].A Mahatma treats everybody equal but he did not. He treated Muslims better and absolutely ignored their evil actions not only in India but all over the world. SO HE WAS NOT A MAHATMA. He poisoned the minds of Hindus and Hindu Temples by slogan of Ishwar Allah Tero naam but this slogan was not adopted by Muslims and their leaders.

Gandhi claimed to have throughly read Bible and Quaran but failed to understand the Christians and Muslim minds and their evil deeds.
A day is fast approaching near when his cremation spot at Rajghat, New Delhi will be uprooted and only then new India , a strong India will rise.
India would have been far better off without Gandhis and Nehrus. They are like Rahu and Ketu and these demons must be destroyed by whatever means possible because they are viruses of worst kind.

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