Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reasons Why I hate Gandhi

main reasons why we hate gandhi

1. Mishandling Khilafat movement

2. Mishandling Mopla riots where thousands of Hindu women were raped and double number of men were killed.

3. Mishandling Swami Shraddananda's murder by a muslim fanatic. (He called that muslim killer a patriot).

4. Forcibly removing Netaji from his post as congress president.

5. Ushering in socialist (sucker) Nehru instead of Patel for the leadership.

6. Calling Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap, Guru Gobind Singh as misguided patriots.

7. Mishandling the Bhagat Singh case.

8. Calling Sardar Udham Singh, who shot that General O'Dwyer, as an insane person.

9. Mishandling 1946 Noakhali riots where tens of thousands of Hindus were looted raped and killed. Gandhi came immediately on spot to save the muslims from retaliation. He even called Suhrawardy who led these riots as Shaheed.

10. Greatest blunders during partition - always rushing and fasting to save muslims from Hindu retaliation but forgetting to save Hindus when they were first attacked.

11.Thousands of Hindu refugees had come to Delhi after being looted of all their property, raped or watching their beloved ones getting raped, injured or watching thier beloved ones getting killed. RSS evacuated the mosques in Delhi for these refugees to stay. The dirty dog gandhi fasted to make these people come out to the streets to let the muslims back in.

12. Granting 55 crores to Pakistan

13. He Was responsible For Killing For More Than thousand of
hindu in WB In Direct Action Day Called By Muslim League

14. His Policy Destoyed The Hindu Culture In Kashmir and
Alls Parts OF Western india Which IS Know As Pakistan

15. Due To Him The East Bengal Was Lost And Today is Know as

16. There was Need For Khilafat Movement PreIndependce
But He Followed The Suite And United Muslim
and Demand Pakistan

17. He Was Person Who Brought So Called " ScukLuasim " Secularism
in these Country.

18. Todays Most Powerful Person Of these Country is not and Indian
but an Itallian(Christan) who is One The Name Of Congress
On Our head.

19. The Biggest Mistake He Had Not Dilluted The Congress

20. If he had wished, INDIA would have been liberated from British more then 15 years before the indipendance.
Gandhi himself was responsible for partion of INDIA, that is too based on religon where he was very much secular.

21.Ignoring Revolutionaries and condemning their violence....and not accepting them as matyrs to the nation

22.Not making Vallabhai Patel the PM instead of Nehru

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Himsa for upholding of Dharma is Ahimsa

Every living being has a soul (aatmaa) with its body. This aatmaa is qualitatively identical with paramaatmaa (the Supreme God). Quantitatively an aatmaa is very small compared to paramaatmaa. An aatmaa is to paramaatmaa just as a small spark of fire is to an inferno, or a drop of water is to the ocean.

When an aatmaa bundles itself with desires, then it is called a jiva. Obviously, jivas are different because their desires are very different. Until one realizes god, gets aatma darshan, one is a jiva. Now let us compare a Muslim jiva and a Gandhian (deluded Hindu) jiva.

A Muslim wants to convert the Gandhian or any kafir, or kill him. Obviously this is adharma, and the Muslim, therefore, is an adharmi. He wants to take away the freedom of the kafirs, and take over their land, rule over them, destroy kafirs' temples, etc.

A Gandhian will say this to a Muslim: "It is my right to be a Hindu or a kafir, and I will not convert to Islam. Being a Gandhian - satyaagrahi - I will not harm you no matter what. If you want to kill me, kill, but I will not fight with you violently."

A Gandhian does not want to convert a Muslim or any one. He does not want to destroy mosques or madresas. He wishes that all become Gandhians like him, but he has no power over the brutes like Muslims. Only some cowards choose to follow him and become Gandhians.

A Muslim can choose to do violence and adharma, and this Gandhian has no power to stop this adharma. A Gandhian is a nicer guy than a Muslim, but he values his life less than the life of an adharmi Muslim. No Vedic scripture or Gita -THE BOOK OF HINDU DHARMA - says that the value of life of an adharmi is more than the value of life of one who is not an adharmi. Therefore, a Gandhian is not acting per Vedic dharma.

If all the Hindus were Gandhians, then Pak will take over Bharat just in one day without any fight. Not only that, the Muslims will kill all the Gandhians and take over their lands and property. This will be so easy for them because they know that no one will cause any harm to them, and the Gandhians will come forward to them to be killed in the spirit of satyagraha. One can see that this is sheer nonsense and foolish.

The Vedic people value ahimsa, but know when himsa is required to protect dharma and dharmis. The Muslims value himsa only and they have experienced for 1000+ years that the benefit of himsa is taking over others' lands, lives, and properties.

When a Gandhian is killed by a Muslim, the jiva of Gandhian does not get mukti or svarga, because the Gandhian lost the body he needed to do saadhanaa to get mukti. No body, no saadhanaa; no saadhanaa, no mukti or svarga.

Krishna says that by fighting to uphold dharma, one gets svarga.

"O son of Kunti, either you will be killed on the battlefield and attain the heavenly planets, or you will conquer and enjoy the earthly kingdom. Therefore get up and fight with determination." -Krishna/Gita 2-37

What all Hindus must understand is that the Himsa which is done in accordance with Dharma is Ahimsa. Conversely, the Ahimsa which is done in contravention of Dharma is, strictly speaking, Himsa.

Thus the Gandhivadi who imagines that he is doing Ahimsa by refusing to fight is encouraging Adharma and ultimately practising Himsa against himself and against his fellow Hindus.

The community or nation is more important than the individual. A man may commit suicide so long as his action has no adverse effect on his community. But if a Hindu commits suicide by allowing a Muslim/Christian/Maoist to kill him, then he encourages Adharma, harms his community, and therefore commits a crime.

The fact is that, in Hindu Law, Ahimsa is not an absolute law but only a general law. And every general law is contradicted by the particular laws concerned with particular situations where the general law does not apply.

In consequence, those who are Ahimsa-fanatics are in fact transgressing against the Law of Dharma and must be punished as criminals and traitors. By eliminating Ahimsavadis from our ranks we will achieve the unity and the strength that we need to win the war against Adharma.

Look and visualise the destruction caused to the Hindu psyche by Fraud Gandhi.We at and hindus across several fora have to discuss this moot point.

When will the old decadent destructive theory of fraud g vanish from a hindu's mind cannot be guessed,hope it is soon.

The himsa, killings, destructions, and all adharma of Islam cannot be checked by any movement of ahimsa, as long as Islam has resources to do their killings, and adharma. There is one excepton:

Economic boycott of Muslims to force them give up Islam.

Buddha succeeded in stopping king Ashok fighting in the war of kaling even when Ashok was wnning. This is due to the Vedic samskaras of Ashok.

No one in the total history of Islam invasions and conquests any one has succeeded in stopping them from doing himsa. The world always had dalai lama, panchan lama and the jain arihanas living, even kabir and nanak. None even attempted to stop the himsa of Islam, as it was not possible.

Sikhs have fougnt Islam and have checked Islam himsa with himsa. The kingdom of Ranjitsingh was far wide and included afghanista, and perhaps iran.

The whole world can boycott Islam. This may ignite Islam himsa, but then the world will need to be prepared to deal with it successfully.

Economic boycott is possible at a very small basic levels as well. It is worht doing.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Never choose God over Motherland !!!

Pakistan is the land of pure they say,
But killing people is what they do night and day,

Why do they do so u may ask,
For that u need to see the evil face behind the mask,

Pak is a nation born out of hatred,
Hence compromising with them is simply time wasted,

Tolerating them is the biggest mistake,
Becoz then betraying u for them is a piece of cake,

These people are never to be trusted,
They are meant only to be busted,

Now tell me for how long my countrymen,
Will we tolerate this barbarian men,

Enough lives have been lost on our side,
It is high time we open our eyes wide,

Lets wake up my men before its too late,
Its our duty to protect our motherland whose food we ate,

A Hindu who has dedicated to his motherland his blood, bones, and breathe,
Dying for it is for him the best form of death,

Hence my fellow Hindus, there no need to think twice,
For deciding to defend our motherland we don't need to roll a dice,

Remember fellow Hindus what the vedas have said,
They will go to heaven who while defending their nation been dead,

Therefore my dear Hindus after u go home today,
Tell ur children and say,

That our motherland is like a mother to us,
So protecting her is our greatest duty thus,

So even if God comes in the way,
We will never choose God over motherland anyway,

Its better to go to hell after saving our country,
Rather than go to heaven and let our country be history!

Convert Hindu & Sikh Gulz to Islam by all possible ways






Monday, February 12, 2007

Untold stories of Motilal & Jawahar Lal Nehru

A Tale Of Two Lals

(This is the story of the two Lals of India. It may appear new to you, that is because the entire GoI has been striving hard to keep it hidden from its people. The writer had to dig up the details, from various sources; he then added two and two together. However, the writer does not believe that there are too many inconsistencies in the story; if there are, then the fault lies with the GoI who should have made it public in the first place. Can you imagine that even 50 years after freedom, we still don't know who was the 'paternal' grandfather of Rajiv!)
Moti Lal, the brothel-keeper:

The words 'Moti' and 'Lal' signify 'pearl' and 'ruby'. His name was not 'Narayan Das' or 'Madan Mohan' or anything like that. The seeds of secu-larism were already sown in Moti Lal, the tho-roughly Islamized product of Kashmir who often (whenever it suited him, of course) flaunted his Brahminical ancestry.

Moti Lal didn't have much education. Married at an early age, he came down to Allahabad (the city of Allah) to earn a living. We do not know exact-ly where he had settled down in Allahabad then. However, we do not believe it was in the Red Light district of Mir Ganj of Allahabad where in the olden days, the Turks and the Moghuls used to keep the kidnapped Hindu women for their entertainment. (It was here that Urdu was born.) We are saying this because we now know for sure that Moti Lal had settled down with his second 'wife' (we do not know if Moti Lal had really married the woman or just brought her down with him from Kashmir, for evil purposes) in the brothel area of Mir Ganj.

The first wife died at child birth; the male baby died too. Soon after, Moti Lal returned to Kashmir, found a pretty woman from a very poor family, his so called 'wife', and brought her down to Allahabad. He settled down at Mir Ganj. Moti Lal had decided to become a part-time brothel keeper for he had no other means of livelihood. Whoever has heard of anyone settling down in a Red Light district with his newly married wife (even second wife) and bringing up children there? We will soon see that Jawahar, Moti Lal's next son, who lived, did not grow up in that brothel house for too long. But both his sisters, Vijaya Lakshmi and Krishna grew up there for years.

During day time, Moti Lal attended the Allahabad court in spite of the fact that he was only a 'mukhtear', even junior to a 'vakeel'. At Allahabad, in those days, even 'mukhtears' were permitted to practice in the high court. However, Moti Lal earned very little.

At the same court, a renowned solicitor and lawyer plied his trade too. He was Mobarak Ali, a shia' man. He had a roaring practice in Allahabad. He had a large house, the Ishrat Manzil. It must be mentioned here that there was another Ishrat Manzil at Allahabad at that time. This second Ishrat Manzil belonged to Akbar Allahabadi. This often caused mixing up of the mail. Mobarak Ali's Ishrat Manzil was later sold to Moti Lal and the erstwhile 'mukhtear' changed the name to 'Anand Bhavan'. It is now called the 'Swarajya Bhavan' and belongs to the nation.

Mobarak meets Moti Lal:

In the evenings, Moti Lal returned home after his day at the court. Most days, he walked to his house in the brothel area. Mobarak Ali, like most wealthy Mussalmans, used to visit the same area quite often to have some fun and games. Mobarak used to go there in his horse-drawn coach. Moti Lal had always wanted to strike up a relationship with Mobarak Ali. And so it came to pass that one evening, Mobarak noticed this Hindu man, a lowly 'mukhtear' coming out of the court premises, in tattered pants, while he was about to get into his coach. Mobarak Ali, out of courtesy asked Moti Lal if he could give him a ride. Since both were headed toward Mir Ganj, for different reasons of course, Moti Lal got into the coach and sat in front.

It soon became clear to the wily Moti Lal that Mobarak Ali was looking for a pretty Hindu broad for the night. And he offered his woman, so freshly brought from Kashmir. The bargain was struck. And thus Moti and Mobarak had rides together many evenings after that, all the way from the court to the Mir Ganj district.

Mobarak offered a small job to Moti Lal in his lawyer's office. The Kashmiri 'Pandit' started working for the lecherous Mussalman, now his own boss. Much later Moti had his own office.

The Widow of Etawah and Amethi:

A lot of things happened in the next few years. The Rajah of Etawah had died without an issue. Under British rule, in such cases the widow was to lose her husband's estate if she did not have a male issue. And obviously, the Hindu widow was sure to lose her estate. She came to see Mobarak Ali to fight her case in the courts.

Mobarak put Moti Lal to the job; he acted from behind. At his instruction, Moti Lal went to see the Rani (the widow of the late Rajah of Etawah) and told her that Mobarak Ali could fight on her case and win. He mentioned the amount of Mobarak's fee: it was going to be Rs. 5,00,000 (a hefty sum, in those days). The helpless widow agreed. The amount was equally divided between Moti and Mobarak. However, at the lower court, Mobarak Ali and Moti Lal lost the widow's case. Undaunted, they announced to the widow that not everything was lost. On behalf of Mobarak Ali, Moti Lal announced to the widow that they would go to the higher court with her case. The fee was again a hefty Rs.5,00,000, equally shared by Mobarak and Moti. They lost the case in the higher court as well.

The smart Mobarak suggested that the case be now taken to the Privy Council in London. This time, the widow had to pay for all their travel expen-ses, to and from London plus their fees AND the fee of a London barrister. Mobarak Ali hired a top notch London barrister. He argued the case at the Privy Council on behalf of the widow, who, according to him, was pregnant and carrying a child of the Rajah of Etawah, when he died. A suitable baby boy had been found for the purpose and the court was told that the boy was sired by the Rajah and the widowed Rani was the mother. This time, the case was won and the Rani could retain ownership of her deceased husband's estate. One of the constituencies of the estate was Amethi. This was obtained by Moti Lal from the widow. It is not quite clear if there was any arm-twisting involved in the transfer of Amethi, but the Rani, we believe, was quite happy to have re-tained ownership of at least part of the property.

The Birth of a Baby:

In the mean time, Moti Lal's 'wife' became pregnant. Mobarak was the 'father'. One fine morning, while Moti Lal's 'wife' was heavy with the child, they went for a holy dip in the Ganges. A hermit saw them and called Moti aside and scolded him for letting his 'wife' carry a child who was going to bring disaster to India. The hermit must have had powers to read the future. He suggested to Moti Lal to abort the baby by using 'zahar' (or poison). The lady was some distance away and could not quite hear the conversation in full but did hear the word 'zahar'. Moti Lal came back to his woman after the stern rebuke and 'explained' that the hermit wanted his son's name to be 'Jawahar'. It is not known if Jawahar's future mother really believed in what Moti Lal, the inveterate liar, told her.

Moti Lal requested his boss Mobarak Ali to have the delivery of the baby done at his residence, the Ishrat Manzil. Mobarak would have none of it.

He agreed that the baby was his but he was not going to have it delivered in his house. According to the sharia', even if a bastard is born in the house of the natural father, the new-born has equal rights on the property with the natural father's other legitimate children. Mobarak agreed to pay for the delivery expenses and in the end the baby (Jawahar, in this case) was born in that brothel house. Jawahar destroyed that house as soon as he became the prime minister and the canard was floated that Jawahar was born in the 'Anand Bhavan'. Mind you, there was no 'Anand Bhavan' yet; it was still the 'Ishrat Manzil'. But in India, no one asks embarrassing questions. Thus we don't want to know what was the name of Rajiv's 'paternal' grandfather or why Feroz and Indira had changed their name to 'Gandhi' by an affidavit! Or, how Jawahar got infected with and died of syphilis! Did he get it from shaking hands with his friends or from wiping his mouth in the open? Mobarak Ali was connected with the high and the mighty of the Moslem society. The nawab of Oudh objected strongly to bringing up the baby boy in a brothel. He offered to bring him up in his own palace. He had a number of Moslem women in the harem, who could suckle the baby. From then on, the baby Jawahar, soon after his birth, left Mir Ganj and was housed in the nawab's palace. Jawahar stayed there till he was ten. Then he left for London for education. Moti Lal had earned enough money by then and could pay for son's education.

There was a full-length picture of the ten-year-old Jawahar standing by the side of the nawab of Oudh on the first floor of the nawab's palace, not far from Lucknow. It was his upbringing in the nawab's palace that made Jawahar proudly announce in public, that he was educated in the West, had an Islamic upbringing and that he was a Hindu only by an accident!

There were two more babies born in Moti Lal's house in the brothel area; both were daughters. It is not known if they too were sired by Mobarak Ali. Perhaps yes, perhaps no. But then Moti Lal,
a confirmed philanderer had his own bastards too. Sheikh Abdullah was one and another was Syud Husain, who had eloped with Vijaya Lakshmi. It was this fact of being half siblings that provoked Moti Lal to stop the wedding between Syud Husain and Vijaya Lakshmi. They had lived together for a few days during their elopement. That explains why Vijaya Lakshmi's first daughter, Chandra Lekha, looks so much like Syud Husain although her theoretical father was supposed to be R.S. Pandit. One has only to compare the pictures of Chandra Lekha, Nayantara and Rita, the last two daughters undoubtedly sired by R.S. Pandit.

Jawahar Lal, the impostor:

Jawahar became a barrister of sorts. His main subject of study at Trinity College was Botany. At the time, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, another shia' man, had his residence/law offices at the Malabar Hills of Bombay. Jinnah had a roaring practice. The ever jealous Jawahar opened his law office there. He did not make much headway in the practice. One day, he was arrested by the police for molesting a Parsi girl, an employee in his own office. The papers are still in the Sessions Court archives in Bombay (now Mumbai). Moti Lal hurried down from Allahabad and brought to bear all his influence and money power to get his son released. He took him back with him to Allahabad. That was the end of Jawahar's law practice. He entered politics. It may be mentioned here that one does not find any picture of Jawahar Lal between the ages of 1 and 10, when he was brought up in the nawab of Oudh's palace near Lucknow. That is because Jawahar was never at Moti Lal's place, properly speaking. The baby Jawahar was removed from the brothel house to the nawab's palace and reared there till he was about ten years old. Picture-taking is taboo in Islam. He left for England at ten. The two sisters had very little to do with their only brother as he was not there.

There are a number of pictures of the two sisters of their childhood but none of the boy. Also, a large part of Jawahar's expenses in London was paid by Mobarak Ali. Moti Lal didn't have the money at the time. It is only later, much later, that Moti Lal rolled in money, thanks to the widowed Rani of Etawah.

Jawahar, the widower sires a Christian baby:

Like father - like son and Jawahar grew up to be a Lothario, one notch higher than his daddy. He took full advantage of his position as the prime minister of the country. Jawahar's habit of seeking out pretty women and granting them mid-night trysts became wellknown to the insiders. He rendered a Hindu nun pregnant. She was removed not to a hospital, for then everyone would come to know, but to a Catholic nunnery. Why do you think Catholics are given a special treatment in secular India? For the simple reason that they can keep their lips sealed but wield their whip of black-mail when required. The baby boy sired by the widower Nehru was taken out of India to make a good Christian out of the bastard. But then that would be nothing new. India has been and still is being ruled by bastards. M.O. Mathai, Nehru's Catholic Personal Assistant of many years, will tell you that in his two books (My Days with Nehru and Reminiscences of the Nehru Age).

Jawahar, the Liar:

The inveterate liar that he was, Nehru would go to the ramparts of the Red Fort of Delhi and shout Delhi Chalo and Jai Hind, over the microphone, only to come back to his office and dictate personal letters to Clement Attlee, then the British prime minister, urging him to prod Stalin to hand over Netaji Bose to His Majesty's Govern-ment for trial for having 'declared war on the King of England'.

As soon as Sheikh Abdullah got S.P. Mookerjee killed by his Moslem doctor by injection, Nehru flew down from London. He took hold of Mookerjee's personal diary and never returned it to his mother and that inspite of the bereaved mother's frantic appeals for her dead son's last memento.

Nehru had his retribution though. The man who had his 'tryst with destiny' on that night of August in 1947, finally died, not of heart failure as they tell you, but of syphilis. And believe me, he did not get infected with that vile disease by drinking out of a tumbler in a restaurant. He got it the only way every other syphilitic patient gets it, by illicit and reckless sex with any and every woman he could lay his dirty hands on.

How did we discover?

West Bengal's Shyama Prosad Mookerjee gave a hard time to Nehru in the Lok Sabha. A whispering campaign was started that a relation of Mooker-jee's had done something illegal with the procure-ment of newsprint. Nehru wanted desperately to find fault with Mookerjee or anyone connected with him. Nehru asked West Bengal's chief minister B.C. Roy to send him a bright police officer; he had some assignment to give to him.

B.C. Roy sent Samar Sen from Calcutta, a promising, intelligent and hard-working police officer. Samar Sen reported to Nehru in New Delhi. For two hours, Nehru talked and talked but never asked Samar Sen to take a seat. Sen promised never to serve this man, even though he was supposed to be the prime minister of India. To Samar Sen, Nehru was a man without pedigree, which we all know now, but he didn't at the time.

Nehru told Samar Sen that he wanted to find some 'weak spots' on S.P. Mookerjee; that he would let him have a special permit empowering him to ask for any file on anyone in India, at any police office and without questions asked. Samar Sen was to look into the secret police files on S.P. Mookerjee and when he had found something objectionable on Mookerjee, Samar Sen was to report it to him.

Unfortunately for Nehru, Samar Sen had been an admirer of Mookerjee since many years. He reported the matter to Mookerjee, then in the opposition. Mookerjee heard him out and advised him to get, not one, but two such permits; one on S.P. Mookerjee of course but also another on J.L. Nehru. Thus he would discover if there was anything not quite 'kosher' in Nehru's files.

While on his assignment, Samar Sen, went for an early morning walk in a Bombay park. There he met an old man, hailing from Uttar Pradesh but now the president of the Hindu Mahasabha of Bombay. The old gentleman from Uttar Pradesh appeared to be very well informed on Nehru and his background; he suggested that Samar Sen look into the classified file on Nehru at the archives of the Sessions Court. This, Samar Sen did and discovered Nehru's arrest on charges of molestation of the Parsi girl employee in Nehru's own office. At the request of the old man, Samar Sen went all the way to Lucknow to take pictures of the full-length painting depicting the nawab of Oudh and the ten-year-old Jawahar at the first floor of the nawab's palace near Lucknow.

Samar Sen became fully aware of the nature of the animal (Nehru) he had on his hands. His back ground, birth place, upbringing at the nawab of Oudh's palace, Nehru's inadequacy as a barrister, his profligacy like his father Moti Lal's, all came into full view.

How Nehru, at the request of the apostle of truth, M.K. Gandhi, got the name of Feroz Khan (son of Moti Lal's Moslem grocer Nawab Khan) changed to Feroz Gandhi by an affidavit in England; how Nehru instituted a sham 'Vedic' marriage between Indira and Feroz to fool the public in India. Samar Sen could see the ins and outs of the devil that went by the name of Jawahar Lal Nehru, the prime minister of India and on whom rests the entire folly of Kashmir.

Samar Sen died some years ago. His son lives in Canada. In India, he would have been assas sinated! No doubt, many will cast doubt on the story but will desist from throwing light to the hidden sides of the Nehrus (alias Khans/Gandhis).
To them, we quote from Hillaire Belloc:

Oh! Let us never doubt
What no body is sure about!



Friday, February 9, 2007

Why shud we respect Islam ???

Why should we respect Islam?

The answer is very straightforward: No reason at all.

There is no decency or decorum in Islam. As an entity, Islam is an ideology, not a religion; it is an evil and a curse. The source of Islam is Koran, which is the Gospel Of Hate and the product of the evil ding-bat mind of Hazrat Mohammad. Islam has brought colossal amount of evil and barbarianism into the world and has irreversibly transformed ordinary average human beings into predatory animals and rabid butchers of Islam. Rape, pillage, loot, arson, and murder are the basic stuff of Islam and its reward for belonging to Islam.

The Moslem world revolves around one area, sex. They are the followers of the child-molester, Hazrat Mohammad. Even their heaven is a whore house. Moslems only destroy societies until everyone becomes like them and then they destroy themselves. Internal tyranny and external adventurism and imperialism are the consequences of Islam, Islam that is always on the prowl. The shameful record of Islam, spanning across fourteen centuries speaks for its epidemic of barbarianism. Humanity in general, and Hindus in particular, have not awakened to this reality, the stark reality that Islam is bad to the bone.

The barbaric butchers of Islam have murdered hundreds of millions of our Hindus over the centuries, and are on their barbaric prowl at this time, so we shall just have to murder an equal number of Moslems...I can expect some Moslem to lecture me on how honorable and civil Moslems really are. Don't give me that lecture of nonsensical gibberish on morality or humanity. It does not become very convincing, coming out of the mouth of Islamic butchers, whose record is engraved on the pages of history for all time. The barbarian butchers and degraded terrorists don't deserve a fair trial. They need to be shot, shot on sight.

Our Shastras teach us that Paap Karna Paap Hai, Par Paap Sehna Bhi Paap Hai.
In our ill-considered and ill-advised approach, we Hindus have forgotten that one who is passive and inactive in the face of Adharma is just as guilty as the individual who commits Adharma. As an example of this, every time we Hindus turn the page and forget the brutal massacre of Kashmiri Hindus by the butchers of Islam, we forget our Dharma and our Shastras and we commit Adharma. Simply put, our own Hindu hands are stained with the innocent blood of the Kashmiri Hindus who were slaughtered by the butchers of Islam because we Hindus allowed this to happen.

It is our bounden Dharmic duty to hit the evil at the source and resolutely strike it down. It does not benefit us Hindus one bit or behove our Hindu dignity to sit with bangles on our wrists and allow the barbaric butchers of Islam to bleed Hindus to death. So what are we Hindus to do?

Inside the inner recesses of his mind, every Hindu needs to have a watch-word: Whosoever wants to destroy Hinduism, must be completely eradicated from the face of this earth. We Hindus must take the war to the enemy, right inside his inner camp. It should be absolutely clear to every Hindu that Moslems have crossed the limit of Hindu tolerance.

Hindus have patiently, but pointlessly, tolerated the riff-raff of Islamic barbaric nonsense and brutality for too long. It is time for Hindus to hit back and decimate the barbaric butchers of Islam. The recent stark massacre of Hindus in Udhampur, Kashmir, at the hands of Islamic butchers, is a dirct slap in the face of Hindus around the world. Make no mistake about it. There is no way to sanitize it!

Lord Ram was asked by Sita ji about his reasons for carrying weapons in the forest to fight Rakshasas. Lord Ram replied: "The Kshatriya carries his bow and arrows so that there may be no cry of distress."
How many cries of distress will it take for Hindus to wake up, take up their bows and arrows, and act decisively and resolutely?

Hindus of the world: Wake up. Hindus of the world: Arise and awake. Throw the barbaric butchers of Islam out of India.
Unite so we can usher in a Hindu Rashtra. Hindu Rashtra is the right of every Hindu and is absolutely vital for the survival of Hinduism. A religion that cannot defend itself does not deserve to survive.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Like Mom ,Rahul Gandhi was KGB agent !

Rahul Gandhi was KGB Point of contact at Harvard when Rajive Gandhi was in Power . Rahul Gandhi received Billons of dollars from KGB . Here is the Proof

Original Book written by Al?bats, Evgeniia exposes contains KGB files to prove that --- Book "Mina zamedlennogo deistviia (politicheskii oortret KGB)", ISBN: 5865080091 , in Russian Language contains the Copy of KGB Document F.5, OP. 6, POR. No. 12, D 131 T.I., L.T. 103-4 which exposes Rahul Gandhi .

This book is available in all US libraries , all you need is to go to the library with "ISBN: 5865080091" and get a copy and search for the file : F.5, OP. 6, POR. No. 12, D 131 T.I., L.T. 103-4
KGB Archive File :

Author : Al?bats, Evgeniia

KGB Archive File : F.5, OP. 6, POR. No. 12, D 131 T.I., L.T. 103-4

Visit to Library of Congress and get access to the Book and look for the copy of this KGB document : F.5, OP. 6, POR. No. 12, D 131 T.I., L.T. 103-4 and get it translated .

LC Control Number: 93248497

Type of Material: Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.)
Brief Description: Al?bats, Evgeniia.
Mina zamedlennogo deistviia : (politicheskii portret KGB) / Evgeniia Al?bats.
Moskva : Russlit, 1992.
313, [1] p. : facsims. ; 21 cm.

Details of the letter

KGB Chief Viktor Chebrikov addressed to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU).
Chebrikovs letter which states blandly that the ?KGB maintains contact with R. Gandhi, the son of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi...?, and goes on to add an even more damaging revelation of Chebrikov that R. Gandhi expresses deep gratitude for benefits accruing to the Prime Ministers family from commercial dealings of Indian firms he controls in cooperation with Soviet foreign trade organizations. R. Gandhi reports confidentially that a substantial portion of the funds obtained through this channel are used to support the party of R. Gandhi.

Any Volunteer to get a photocopy of this document from Library and supply here

Book "Mina zamedlennogo deistviia (politicheskii oortret KGB)", ISBN: 5865080091 , in Russian Language contains the Copy of
KGB Document F.5, OP. 6, POR. No. 12, D 131 T.I., L.T. 103-4

Guys ! Can someone get any info from below , it's Harvard Portal containing all KGB documents -- Archive

The Russian spy agency KGB had deposited US $2 billion (Rs 9400 Crores) in a Swiss bank account in 1985 in the "minor" account of Rahul Gandhi managed by his mother Sonia Gandhi that was reported years back in .Schweitzer Illustrierte, a Swiss news magazine.

DOCUMENTS : CPSU by a resolution CPSU/CC/No 11228/3 dated 20/12/1985 and the same was also endorsed by the USSR Council of Ministers in Directive No 2633/Rs dated 20/12/1985. He also claimed that these payments had been coming since 1971 as the payments received by Sonia Gandhi's family "have been audited in CPSU/CC resolution No 11187/22 OP dated 10/12/1984.

1 . In its issue of 11 November
1991 the well-known Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte listed
14 former rulers of Third World countries who had stashed away
money there. Rajiv figured among them. His assets were 2.5
billion Dollars Amal Dutta of the
CPI(M) raised it in the Lok Sabha on 17 December 1991. The
Speaker, Shivraj Patil, had the name expunged.

If you want truth Contact them
and get 11 November
1991 Issue


Email contact:

Schweizer Illustrierte
Dufourstrasse 23
CH-8008 Z?br>
Phone: +41 1 259 63 63
Fax: +41 1 262 04 42

2. Get the book "State Within a State" and read for more information , and check the KGB Archives which are opened .


In year 2000, Securities and Exchange Board of the United States and other revenue authorities were investigating into Rahul Gandhi?s deposits into his account in the Credit Swiss First Boston (CSFB) Bank -- some "hot money"

According Dr Swamy of Janata Party in his letter to Mr Yashwant Sinha. One such deposit was from an account operated by one Mr M S K Zieger on behalf of a trust. The hot money was garnered through drug dealing by the mafia,

He suggested to Mr Sinha that the Enforcement Directorate in India could seek the help of the CSFB and the US authorities on the nature of the deposits in Rahul Gandhi?s accounts in U.S. and London and also trace Mr Zieger.

Dr Swamy alleged that Ms Gandhi?s visited U.S. to prevail on the Bush Government for an out-of-court settlement involving Rahul Gandhi.


From Our Delhi Bureau


NEW DELHI: Schweitzer Illustrierte, a Swiss news magazine, has alleged in an old issue that the Soviet intelligence agency KGB had deposited US $2 billion in a Swiss bank account in 1985 in the "minor" account of Rahul Gandhi managed by his mother Sonia Gandhi.

Janata Party President Dr Subramanian Swamy, who had secured an order from the Delhi High Court to the CBI to investigate alleged receipt of slush money by late former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's family, has cited a November 1991 issue of the Swiss magazine in support of his charge.

In an affidavit filed before the High Court, Dr Swamy has contended that the CBI should have atleast contacted the news magazine to ascertain the facts. Dr Swamy says a proper CBI inquiry would reveal a scandal which will make the Bofors kickbacks pale before it as it involves corruption indulged in by late former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and exposes the slush money received by Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Dr Swamy has contested the CBI's contention before the High Court last month that the "allegation" that Rahul Gandhi had received benefits from the commercial dealings of an Indian firm in coopertion with the Soviet foreign trade organisations is vague and hence it did not conduct any inquiry.

He has claimed in the affidavit that during his recent visit abroad this year, he had received "reliable information" that then KGB chief Victor Chebrikov had sought, in writing in December 1985, from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), "authorisation to make payments in US dollars to the family members of Mr Rajiv Gandhi, viz Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Ms Paola Maino, mother of Sonia Gandhi."

He has further claimed that the payments were authorised by CPSU by a resolution CPSU/CC/No 11228/3 dated 20/12/1985 and the same was also endorsed by the USSR Council of Ministers in Directive No 2633/Rs dated 20/12/1985. He also claimed that these payments had been coming since 1971 as the payments received by Sonia Gandhi's family "have been audited in CPSU/CC resolution No 11187/22 OP dated 10/12/1984.

It may be mentioned here that Dr Swamy had filed a writ petition before the Delhi High Court last year claiming that his allegations against Sonia Gandhi and her family members were based on the documents in the KGB archieves. He said the CBI should have obtained a Letter Rogatory to seek the information from the Russian Government instead of rejecting his charges outright. The case is listed for the next hearing on October 28. END


Dr Swamys plea to probe Sonia & Rahul?s foreign accounts

CHENNAI, June 19: Janata Party president Dr Subramaniam Swamy has urged the Union Government to obtain from Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi a full disclosure of the accounts both operate abroad.

Dr Swamy, who released his letter to Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha at a press conference here today, claimed that the Securities and Exchange Board of the United States and other revenue authorities in that country were investigating into Rahul Gandhi?s recently depositing some "hot money" into his account in the Credit Swiss First Boston (CSFB) Bank in the United States.

He claimed that one such deposit was from an account operated by one Mr M S K Zieger on behalf of a trust. The hot money was garnered through drug dealing by the mafia, Dr Swamy claimed in his letter to Mr Sinha.

He suggested to Mr Sinha that the Enforcement Directorate in India could seek the help of the CSFB and the US authorities on the nature of the deposits in Rahul Gandhi?s accounts in U.S. and London and also trace Mr Zieger.

Dr Swamy alleged that Ms Gandhis forthcoming visit to the U.S. was to prevail on the Bush Government for an out-of-court settlement involving Rahul Gandhi. He also claimed that Ms Gandhis visit to Iceland was for a proposed meeting with the representatives of the LTTE and to make an attempt to erase her mothers links with that terrorist organisation.

Referring to the forthcoming Summit between Prime Minister A B Vajpayee and Pakistan?s military ruler Gen Musharaff, Dr Swamy said the latter should not come with "high expectations" and go back disappointed.

He said there was no scope for the partition of Kashmir or to recognise the Line of Control as an international boundary.

Dr Swamy also criticised the Prime Minister?s decision to approve the Gas and Oil Pipeline Project from Iran to India through Pakistan, claiming that it would endanger India?s national security. The country?s energy supplies would "become a hostage to Pakistan?s whims", he added.(UNI)

The Hindu Newspaper May Be Owned By A Muslim In Brunei

"The Hindu" Newspaper May Be Owned By A Muslim In Brunei.

There is an old saying in India . There can never be smoke without fire. Similarly there can never be a rumor without some facts to start with. The hot rumor now doing the rounds among a small group of lawyers in the Chennai High Court is that The Hindu newspaper has been purchased by a muslim from the Islamic kingdom of Brunei. Lawyers are usually the first to come across such news as documents have to be scrutinized before a purchase and paper work have to done at the office of the Registrar of Companies.

Ever since the present government at the center allowed Foreign Direct Investment in the media upto a maximum of 25 %, rich muslims in foreign countries have been eyeing the newspapers and magazines published in India. In the case of The Hindu it is further rumored that the remaining 75 % of the shares is held by a local muslim who is a benami of the muslim in Brunei.

The three stinking rich ,brahmin Marxist brothers N.Ravi, N.Ram and N.Murali and their uncle Kasturi Rangan are merely dummies, or should I say, dhimmis of the muslim from Brunei and his benami in India. N.Ram, who is also the editor of Frontline, an out and out pro-China magazine, is a womanizer par-excellence. Trapping him in a room of a five-star hotel with a five-star prostitute and video-taping the proceedings will be childs play for these muslims. This is standard muslim practice. We have seen them do this in totally unconnected incidents in Britain, the Netherlands, USA and India. In these incidents the victims were highly educated Hindu women who were then forced into prostitution by their muslim ?lovers? in whom they had put all their trust. In the case of N.Ram the video-tape could have been used to arm-twist the family to part with the newspaper. All the three brothers have daughters who too could have been video-taped.

It seems that the muslim in Brunei has been in control of The Hindu for the last one year. It is only now that some documents are being scrutinized for the legal transfer of shares. The payment for the remaining 75 % could have been made into the Swiss Bank. N.Ram?s first wife is a Swiss woman. He recently divorced her and married a Christian woman from Kerala who is half his age. It is only recently that N.Ram has started a big school of journalism in Chennai.

All the three Marxist brothers and their uncle continue to hold their posts. This is done to fool the p-sec Hindus who subscribe to this newspaper. If this rumor is true, which I think it is, then it explains very clearly why The Hindu is the mother of all anti-Hindu newspapers. This also explains why The Hindu is frequently quoted by the Pakistani press. Once again an entire nation of Hindus is being taken for a ride and they are being led by the nose by a muslim sitting somewhere in the tiny Islamic kingdom of Brunei.

The involvement of the Nawab of Arcot, a close friend of N.Ram and a side-kick in his nightly adventures, has also got to be investigated. The post of Nawab of Arcot was created by the British to introduce a muslim royal family where none existed. The south was predominantly Hindu and the British needed a muslim ?royal? family to protect their interests. The present Nawab of Arcot continues to receive government pension, free electricity and free phone connection for his palace Amir Mahal in the heart of Chennai city. On the other hand Indira Gandhi abolished all pensions and benefits to Hindu kings. During Karunanidhi?s regime it was standard practice to invite this ?nawab? for all government functions in which the chief-guest was a visiting foreign dignitary. But during Jayalalithaa?s rule this man is not invited and he keeps a very low profile. A separate investigation will have to be done on this ?nawab? and the report submitted to the government.