Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 23 - This Day , I Remember

January 23 - This Day , I Remember
I Remember this Day, In haunting emotions
I dont know wot am I writing & why am I writing
Beyond all senses ,emotions and feelings
I Remember this Day ,In haunting emotions

I Remember
You as someone who changed my Life
The Life ,once we lived lovely

I Remember
You as someone cute, pretty and adorable
And your presence always lit up my Heart

I Remember
The glorious days and nights we spent together
And all the things we did together

I Remember
The Laughs ,smiles you bought
And amazing times we had

I Remember
Your curly hair , deer like eyes
And your softness of your voice

I Remember
The times , I stared deep into your eyes
Revealed a vision and felt Undying Love for me

I Remember
The depth of love in your eyes for me
And unending devotion you showered on me

I Remember
Those moments when I took you in my Arms
And played with your curly hair

I Remember
That day when you sat on my Lap to hear my heart beat
That made me feel relaxed I never wanted it to end.

I Remember
Those moments when you lay beside me
And shared all your heart out

I Remember
Those first Vibes which I felt
When my hands were locked with yours

I Remember
That Unforgetable day when I shocked you
When I did really something naughty

I Remember
The time you liked , those acts
Like holding you gently from behind

I Remember
That moment when I forced myself on your face
And you felt drowsy and almost fainted

I Remember
Those acts of affection like caressing taste buds
Feeding each other from our plates

I Remember
Those nights of treasureable moments of heavenly taste
When our Dezire,excitement burn us into a union

I Remember
Those lingering cool nights when you shivered
But found warmness beside me

I Remember
When you hold me close in Love
And your gentle touch of your fingers over my skin

I Remember
The sweet dance you did
On Hindi song ‘ ek baar aaja,aaja,aaja’

I Remember
That day of magic moment
When you asked ME to be your life partner

I Remember
You saying that you can’t see tears in my eyes
But made me cry rivers

I Remember
Those misty eyes when we saw each other for last time
and the feelings as you walked away

I Remember you with every breath
This day in my life ,has left its mark
One more year slipped away into times
Till we meet again one day , I Remember


Anonymous said...

Are Yaar, Chod do yaadon ki bhaaraat, theen din ki jindagi hai, aysh karo, mazaa lo, Ho sake tho Ek bhar phir.

On reading your blog it appears, you are in search of that which is very much in your pocket.

How old are you my friend, r u single, r u frustrated, r u, no be cool

ur photo says u may be around 30
then why worries

Surender Reddy said...

my dear anonymous friend, you don;t know what you are loosing until you go out of India. So before you stop some one like this blogger, try to live abroad and then see...