Thursday, June 4, 2009

which is more dangerous? Islam or Christianity ???

Which one of these cults are more dangerous??
  1. Christianity
  2. Islam

  1. Christianity

  • Christians attack from behind and dont give any hint when they are going to attack, the real wolfs in sheep clothing
  • Christianity is a sugar coated poison

2. Islam
  • Muslims attack from front and they give hints
  • Islam is a simple poison


blogger said...

Karsewak bhai, please check this out. Pakistanis are changing Indian Borders on Google Map ( Please login with your Gmail and deny it (

GJ said...

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Anonymous said...

bjp has to deal with christian missionary terrorists in south india..the party is weak in andhra,t.n,kerala which send more than 100 M.Ps..there is no single MP for bjp from these states..the only way for bjp is by taking on christian missionaries..

what to do???

like how 1992 ram rath yatra mobilised hindus in north india....even in south bjp has to organise such event for hindu mobilisation and consolidation of hindu vote...

andhra,tamil nadu,kerala account for 30% minority vote(christian+muslim)..

conduct massive rallies and yatras taking help of swamis and let know the ppl abt missionaries

how missionaries cheat..

where they get money from...
the threat to national integration due to missionaries..

abt christian terrorism in north east and orissa.

bloody history of christian missionaries in europe,americas,australia..

say people how congress has become a christian party like antonia maino,y samuel reddy ,ambika soni,navin chawla are all christians..

how congress is anti hindu party..

without forgetting even a single thing

the above wat "alone" can help bjp to strengthen itself in south india..plz some one pass infor to bjp..

Dharamveer said...

Hinduism is most dangerous for India ,, specially RSS, shiv sena,, YOU ppl,,bajrang Dal,Ram sena,, I am ashamed to be a Hindu..