Sunday, November 1, 2009

Aashrita , for that Love .....


for that Love ....

I’am still imprisoned in painful memories

I am writing it with my heart & soul, thinking of you

Why I am remembering you ? What for ??

Even if I remember, for that “ Love ,

Which has vanished and deceived by you

With it , good time were passed off in your deceptiveness

Love is over , dreams are shattered , betrayal took its stroll

You aimed at my heart and pierced it apart

That made me cry and tears tickle down for never to dry

Maybe tears of my broken heart are tears of laughter for you

You left me, to give me pain and strife

Sometimes I feel I shouldn’t have met you,

Nor Loved you so much

I wish , I should have then lived in reality

That could have saved me of this pain .


Common Hindu said...

may god bless you ......

Anonymous said...

She took a very wise decision. You are not even worth marrying a female pig.

At least realize now your loved one's dont wanna be with you.