Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dollar Girl and her tantrum's

Confused Desi Girl and her obsession's with America .

Recently , I was talking to a Girl over phone, ( whom I know personally since ages ) who been in USA for few years, and now in India , who fascinates herself with NRI tag. As I don’t want to put her real name here, so, Lets now call her as "Dollar-Girl" .She seems to me like , One more confused Desi who lost touch with her roots , Whose Soul got harvested by the shining dollar . She eulogies of freedom available in USA, than in India, and she boasts about it lot. That freedom where none of US cities are safer after dawn , and stories of Mugging is a passe.

She goes in length about the freedom Women enjoys there in USA . As if in India we keep Women in Zoo cages . It looks like this "$-Girl" is taking her stay in USA a bit seriously. When $ rate bites the dust , so do will be her obsession's and tantrum's, that day is not far. This is my Prophecy , my prophecies never go wrong .

One more reason why she like USA is , Indian husbands help their wives in daily house hold chores there , while they shy to do in India . Point taken , but someone tell her what else can these Hubbys (Dhimmies) do . They have not much social life to chill .To get xtra income into family when they send their wives for work, then any one anywhere are supposed to help their spouces . If he eyes over her salary he got to bend ,kneel and act like pet dog . A survey ran on these Hubbys (Dhimmies ) prooved that just 2 years of their stay has changed their outlook altogether . Once a Vibrant young men in India , they are now turned Dumb , Boring, tasteless , suspicious , Wife beaters if not other wife snatchers and what not , look just few years of stay and what Dollar had made them …. “Dhimmitudes.”

One more point of Dollar-Girl , she spit venom saying Women are not respected much in India . Really ??? then I felt I shud organise a free trip for her to Taliban land , where women hide themselves from head to toe behind the Burqa .What freedom has done to American women . Its collapsing under Teen-Pregnancy and High Divorce rate . Theres not much thing called Family tradition left anymore. Freedom comes with responcibilty , without it leads to degradation.

If Dollar-Girl had forgot her well to do up bringing , lemme remind her that if theres any country which worships women then its India . Nowhere on this planet but only in India, Women is given a status of Goddess and worshiped . This is land of Lord shiva who gave away his half of body and soul to his wife Goddess Parvati . This is the land of Ramakrishna Parmahamsa who worshiped his own Wife as Goddess . This is the only land where female (Goddess) name is taken before the Male God … Viz: Radha-Krishna, Parvati-Parmeshwar, lakshmi-Narasimha . What more respect any Womenhood will demand . Its not just in Epics , I refreshed her memory how her own father on all Hindu festival days goes to her and touch her bare feet to take blessings . Have you seen in any country where Father touching Daugters feet to take blessings . This happens only in India .

Dollar-Girl feels that Indian husbands have to learn lot about from their USA counterparts . Really ??? Now, we have to learn lesson or two from these Bill Clintons , how to do a Lewinsky act , from Tiger Woods how to snatch others wives , from Tom Cruise who is now with his Thrd wife , Woody Allen who had affair with his adopted daugter and dumped his legally wedded Wife and Kids to Marry his Adopted daugter ???? No !! Thanks , we are better the way we are . Its not that these things don’t happen in India. Whenever such anti social things happen , it’s the Society which jumps in and sides with the victim and sees dicipline is enforced . Unlike USA , extra marital affair does not get celebrity status here .

Thanks Dollar-Girl , You can keep your White facination to yourself ,we Indian men are better off without those vulgar western traits .We are those who believe in “ I'am-A-One-Woman-Man” , threesomes , foursomes and those dirty orgies are not for us . Never to remind you about rising teen-pregnancy , breaking families, high divorce rate all this has drived America to the verge of Social destruction . Americans are sitting on one such volcano , it will blow up and take these Dollar-Girls too with it .

After a long talk when I try to reason with her over above points , she is reluctant and says Ok leave it , lets change the topic. LOL. She is not even ready for a civilised discussion, but talks about freedom . I think this Dollar -Girl need to pick up her ancient traditional values and xlpore her roots and look into it.


Anonymous said...

Well Said .

This is whathappens in Western countries. A 72 yr old Granny in love with her own Grandson and now becomin Mother of an surrogate child--- read this

Anonymous said...

Bro, you need to grow up. the women in india are empowerd to do great but are not allowed to do great. I also can quote thousand examples like indira gandhi, sonia gandhi and ... But still they are deprived of the freedom they want. Who can decide what is good for someone? they themselves. If I like a prostitute, how can you say its wrong? You see her job where as I see her as women. I like to change and let us change. change for good.

I have seen many blogs about seperate telangana. I can post many similar comments like why the hell do you need telanagana.

Do you know how much pains were taken to develop the state. How can you be so insane to say a seperate telanagana.

You are a communist here trying to rub your thoughts on others. I dont like it.

Anonymous said...

excellent post raj bhai


Anonymous said...

raj bhai

i never considered indira or sonia as ordinary indian women.

you rock raj bahi


madeinadhra (godse)

Sandhya said...

Really Impressed with your post. Excellent views on India and Indian women.

Ontario, Canada.