Monday, June 14, 2010

Narendra Modi - Nitish Kumar shake hand fiasco

NaMo rocks as always !!!

All these year's I had respect for Bihar CM Nitish Kumar as i felt like NaMo( Narendra Modi) he is one leader in India to reckon with developmental politics . But with the latest stupid outburst of Nitish On BJP & Namo over a ' Hand-Shake' Advertisement released by few industrialist is bit comical in nature . Nitish by snubbing Narendra Modi has exposed his fragile Psuedo-Secular antics.

Nation feels Nitish Kumar has thus over reacted and displayed his perverted Muslim vote bank politics . Tata's, Birla's,Ambani's have Invested millions of Dollars in NaMo's Gujarat , So will Nitish Kumar stop shaking Hands with them too ?? If 5 Crore Gujaratis are happy , all the Investors are happy with NaMo then I dont Understand what the problem is with this rustic Bihar Chief Minister . No matter what , Namo rocks as always.

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Anonymous said...

But don't have any expectations brother.Current own BJP/RSS/VHP and congress walas willn't let him to get the Top post.If he become PM of India self respect of India will see its high.Lets hope the best.