Friday, September 3, 2010

Telangana's first victory over SeemaAndhra media , Ntv

(Above pix is the first page of complaint filed against Ntv)


Our First Victory against SeemaAndhra biased media house, NTV

NTV Defamed Father of The Nation Mahathma Gandhi on 15th & 17th August 2010 using Telangana slang. NTV tried to show the telangana people & their legitimate democratic movement as anti national. NTV did not mind calling mahathma 'arey'(orey) for this. Here in that video a animated character namely Pochaiah from karimnagar (created by NTV) calls mahathma 'arey' several times.  

Telangana IT Forum filed case against NTV with the Court of III Addl. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (Nampally Court) with Video evidences in a CD. Hon'ble Magistrate ordered Banjarahills police to file the FIR against NTV Chief Editor Mr. Kommineni Srinivas Rao & Rachana Tevision Pvt Ltd and to give report on or before 28th Sept 2010.


Naveen mereddy said...

Our Raj news needs to uncover the evil propaganda of Seemandhra Channels like NTV, TV9 against Telangana movement. I request them to start a special bulletin exposing the biased attitude of Seemandhra media and our Telangana TDP leaders. Example:-

1)Seemandhra media repeatedly telecasted the protest of Osmania students against Seemandhra test paper evaluation and held discussions on that topic but didn’t even mention about the deplorable statements made by Seemandhra teachers in City College. Telanganiites blood boil when they hear those statements where in the modesty of our sisters was questioned. I request Raj News expose this attitude of Seemandhra media and enlighten the world that Telangana never had Peddapuram , Amalapuram culture. They never had primitive cave men attitude where in the name of faction, people hurl bombs and slit throats for maintaining their hegemonistic designs. Telanganiites on the other hand are certainly an enlightened lot where in they always stood for human values who fought against feudal system and had many revolutionaries. Now it is high time to expose Seemandhra Culture who corrupted each and every field and professions.

2) It is disappointing that our Telangana TDP leaders found the APPSC episode unimportant. No one is opening their mouth in this regards. It again proves that Telangana TDP leaders are mere puppets in the hands of a Seemandhra High Command protecting his interests and his region. Telanganiites bend their heads in shame when they see these spineless Telangana TDP leaders arguing with other leaders and blindly supporting their party. I dont understand why they are turning blind eye on CBN’s attitude towards Telangana and Telanganiites.

I dont understand why these Telangana TDP leaders are still under the impression that their Seemandhra High Command allows the formation of Telangana State. Did they forget CBN banning the use of “Telangana” term in Assembly. With the recent APPSC episode AP State Govt has comeout with a clear intention of killing Telangana aspirations with the help of their Seemandhra officers (DGP, Principal Secretary, APPSC Chairman, etc.) We have only 2 options now accept this injustice quietly and lead a second class citizen status or oppose the injustice and fight for our rights .

Naveen Mereddy
Toronto, Canada.

Anonymous said...

and u talk about seemandhra culture
our leaders took bribes for increasing their wealth
kaani mee nakili stampla case lo irukunna krishna yadav laaga, tehalka scam lo irukunna bangaru lakshman laga, pv narasimha rao laaga
desha pratishtanu digajaare panulu cheyyaledu
maa daggara entho mandi muslim ammayilu unnaru kaane evvaru kooda kargil amara veerula aathamlu kshobionchekaaga mee sania ma\irza cheinattu pakistani vaadini peli chesukoledu
bill gates openly admitted that he considers south Indians as very intelligent. and andulo ekkuva mandi maa prantham vallu unnaru.
antha enduku okka saaari alochinch samaikya rashtram leka poyi undunte nuvvu foregin velle vaadiva?