Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Telangana left vulnerable by Seemandhra "state violence"

Telangana Farmers in villages are made to suffer by the crooked Seemandhra Govt by cutting of Power. There is an 12 hours power cut in TG Villages, where as, no Power cut in Seemandhra villages. Govt wants to showcase the Strike and make Telanganites suffer from all corners. To avoid Power Cuts why SA-Govt is not opening Nagarunasagar & Srisailam gates? These Dams are full , and can be used in generating more Hydro Power. Nope it wont, coz they store the water for 3rd Crop in SA. In TG we hardly have 2nd crop, but SA'ites make us suffer by robbing our Power & Water for their 3rd crop . Time has come to teach them a lesson.
The present despicable Seemandra Govt has turned Murderous out of HATE towards Telangana and can stoop to any level to safeguard its hegemony
Majority of Agriculture in Telangana is dependent on Bore Wells , with out power Bore wells wont work . In another 30-35 days 70% of Crops(paddy) in TG will come for Harvesting . This is the time when Crops need maximum water, knowing this well and make our farmers suffer Seemandhra Govt has put FWD 12 Hrs Power Cut in villages . My heart grieves for my farmers. Only Mother Nature with Rains can save our Telangana farmers from these SA-Rakshasas . 2 Crore people are directly or indirectly dependent of farming sector in Telangana .
Gates of Nagarjuna Sagar & Srisailam Dams shud be opened to generate Hydro electricity at-once. These dams are full with water , they can generate Hydro Power continuously for next 2 months with the avail stored water . But Seemandhra govt wont do , it want to teach a lesson to Telanganites. I hv never seen such a FASCIST govt which put its own subjects to such hardships . Britishers were far better than these Seemandhraites .
Seemandhraites are enjoying our sufferings, they think they wont be affected. Now the time has come to take them with us in suffering. Cut off all the power lines going towards Seemandhra districts. Disconnect Power to Banjara/Jubilee Hills , Kukatpally , SR/V.Rao Nagar , Dilsukhnagar and see who will have the last laugh.
Seemandhra Govt bought inexperienced drivers to Hyderabad and made them run RTC buses . The result is Accidents on the streets of Hyderabad . Just now an Inexperienced Driver with Police escort has driven the bus on to an Auto Stand at J.Hills Check Post resulting in death of the Auto Driver . How cruel this Govt can be , its playing with the lives of TG'ites. Letz show no mercy , Just SMOKE them .  
Sanitation work Hyd has come to stand still now . Garbage dumping yards all over HYD will not be cleared as HYD Municipality sanitation workers have decided to be part of "Sakala Janula Samme" . Sanitation employees have decided to clean all the Garbage that includes Seemandhra settlers only when Telangana anoouncement is made . My suggestion to municipality workers is collect all the Garbage in HYD and dump it front of those anti-Telangana houses. Also Power & Water supply shud be stopped to these houses. This is the best way of smoking them out from their hide-outs in peaceful manner.
 My call to all Seemandhraites living in Hyderabad : I know each one of you HATE us from bottoms of your Heart . You never hid your HATE for us . In turn we always Loved you, welcomed you in our Land and treated you one amongst us . In this severe fight for separate state , we borne all the injuries but never attacked you . We took your Insults and stayed mute all these years . We welcomed your stay in Hyderabad and never challenged you. But tell me how long this LOVE will be a ONE WAY . In 60 yrs, you settlers never reciprocated to our love and affection . How long you expect me to show ONE WAY generosity. Seriously, I'am tired of showing my love to you settlers , knowing very well your HATE for us . Hereafter you have to come out and make your stand clear on Telangana . I cant allow myself to be taken for granted for ever. So kindly RESPOND .

You, Andhra settlers till now have enjoyed every time Policemen brutalised me. Watching those scenes on your TV screens , you laughed,screamed on top of your voices " We Want More". My dear Seemandhra Settlers , if you are a believer of KARMA then one day you too will be at receiving end . I'am talking of KARMA theory "what goes around , come around". I'am not wishing for any harm for you or your children , but beware , your bad KARMA will come around and HAUNT you.

This is life time opportunity for you to show your magnanimity . Now you make a Wise choice.

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