Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ajmal Kasab Teriminated , Tributes to 26/11 victims.

Yep! at last Kasab who challenged Bharat Varsh is dead. must be regretting for believing Quran, which promised him 72 Virgin Boys & Houris in case of Muslim dies in Holy War against Kaafirs ( read: Hindu's) . He must be wondering where is his bounty of 72 Boys & Houris ??

Who killed Kasab ??? Being its an issue related to National Integrity , I donot want to be too cynical on the issue. Somehow i have strong feeling that Govt of India has no Guts to Hang an Muslim , if it does it wud have done long time back with Afzal Guru and with the Asssasins of Rajiv Gandhi .

There is a strong Buzz that Kasab died coz of Dengue fever, his death coz of Mosquito bite wud have shamed Indian Govt Globally. Maybe to save its face Govt probably has enacted the Drama of Hanging an already dead Kasab. A week ago Govt declared that Kasab is suffering with Dengue , it takes atleast 2-4 Weeks to get well . A person acc to Indian Law can be hanged only when he is healthy .

Or Kasab's hanging an indication of an early General Elections ??

But who cares , he died , thats wot matters today . All I raised the above doubt coz i do not want to rob due CREDITS from the Heroic-Patriot Mosquito who has bitten Kasab and did wot our Govt cudnt do . Film maker S.Rajamouli shud seriosuly think of making of "Doma".

Anyways My salutes to Indian Government . Justice Served.

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