Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Natural Holi Colours

Hyderabad Goes Green is pleased to announce the “Green Holi“ campaign for this year’s Holi festival on March 27th. On the similar lines of last year’s, this is a campaign in association with ANGRAU (Agricultural University) who is responsible for making the colours under their research project of NAIP (National Agricultural Innovation Project).

Chemical based colours can not only harm your skin,eyes,hair but can also be carcinogenic and cause permanent disorder to your precious organs. Stop abusing chemicals and become one with nature by using natural colours made from leaves, fruits, roots, barks and flowers of plants and also avoidong wastage of water as lesser water is required to clean natural colours.

The colours shall be packed in small pouches made from newspaper, and these in turn shall be placed in a Jute bag. The retail price of colours is Rs.200 for a set of 5 colours, 80g each.
HGG is associated with Aurora Business School in promoting Green Holi Campaign.
For bulk orders/enquiries contact 7416790905

Source: http://hyderabadgoesgreen.com

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