Saturday, December 26, 2015

Parents should impart Vedic teachings in kids ~ Bollywood Star Sonali Bendre

It's good to see celebrities come forward and tell people about the goodness of the Gurukul way of education. It helps spread the awareness about those roots which should be restored in our social lives, in all their glory.

Actress Sonali Bendre says imparting education and values is not only the duty of schools as parents should also try and inculcate them through vedic teachings.

"We cannot put all the onus onto schools. What are the parents doing? There has to be some responsibilities that parents have to take. It is not that you send your children to the factory (school) and the final product comes out - that's not going to happen," Sonali said.

She believes with the culture of nuclear families coming in, children are losing the connect with the culture which sustained in joint families.

"In Gurukul system there was a holistic approach to impart education. The holistic way of upbringing was not just to impart education but also the concept of Dharma as enunciated in Vedic literature. In our joint family system that space was filled by grandparents, but we are now moving more and more to nuclear family. So it is something that the parents have to take on the responsibility of imparting Vedic teachings at house."

Thank you Sonali for coming forward in support of real indian educational system~

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