Thursday, April 3, 2008

Swastika, not the Red Cross , Doctor's to swich over

Doctors who are Nationalist ansd subscribe to RSS cause, have started a campaign to replace the Red Cross with the symbol, Swasthika. This nationwide campaign has gathered great velocity and they claims nearly 50,000 docs have already adopted the Swastika symbol in place of RedCross . The office-bearers of the organisation, Arogya Bharati, which is spearheading the campaign feel that Swasthik is similar to Red Cross and replacing it will be easy. Also, it will bring doctors close to the 'Indian culture', they believe.Some private organisations of doctors that are close to Sangh Parivar are enthused and supporting the campaign
Buddhists, Jainists and Hindus consider the swastika a holy symbol. For Jainists, it is the holiest symbol. Japanese, Chinese, and Indians have used the swastika as a positive symbol. It is also used by Native American Indians. The Amerian infantry used the swastika on its uniform in World War One, the 45th Division. The Finnish Air Force used the swastika.The swastika has been a symbol for most countries of the world, and major religions for millenia, as a postive or holy symbol.
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gaurav said...

Although I have strong feelings for the Aryan symbol Swastika, using it as a symbol of 'medical science in India' doesn't seem to make much sense; also, it will underestimate the 'all-purpose' 'multi-purpose' 'general' symbolic value and image of the Swastika.

There can be other home-made symbols to replace the red cross. Then, why replace the red cross, at all? It's an international symbol, and India is neither an introvert like China nor an anti-social element like North Korea and Pakistan. We must learn to accept others', if we want them to accept ours' and us.

Chris Johnson said...

First of all. In the eastern/Dharmic religions, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism; it represents God and soul, and the qualities of God and soul. Within Buddhism, it represents our original Buddha Nature and the qualities of IT. Clock-wise or still symbolize God, the soul and Buddha natures and, that's it. I have seen temples in India and else where in asia, with the so-called "nazi" swastica on their door and etc....and they were made 2,000 years plus. Way before the american materialistic, liberal, atheistic, media started brainwashing americans into believing that the Swastica is evil, which according to Hinduism, this is considered tama guna and avidya or Spiritual ignorance. And, epitomizes the downward slop into the Kali yuga or the present spiritual age we live in, which wraught with atheism, materialism, immorality. And, you know what...the Dharmic/Eastern Religions with their ORIGINAL, Divine understanding of the Swastica, will be around long,long after america and europe plunge head-long into Kali-yugic barbarism and depravity. Their misconception of the really Godly meaning of the Swastica is reflective of the Spiritual ignorance or avidya that americans are wallowing in right now....hence this person comment; "I am sure that it is disturbing to see it, given our modern context for it." The Dharmic Religious understanding of the swastica, is way, way beyond...too transcendental to be realized by materialistic, egotistical, atheistic, modern liberal people to Soulfully/Intuitively grasp.
Namaste and namo Amitabha

surajcap said...

RED CROSS is no International Symbol but Christian Symbol like Red Crescent for Muslims
And Red Star of David for Israel
So, Hindus should have Red Swastika also used by Eastern Dharmic Faiths of Japan & China like Daoists, Confucians, etc