Monday, January 4, 2010

Telangana students surge at Osmania University for Vidyarthi Garjana

Thousands of students from various parts of Telangana gathered at the Osmania University here Sunday to demand separate Telangana state with the central government. dozens of folk singers performed on the stage set against the backdrop of the majestic Arts College building.
A sea of students swarmed the Osmania University, despite severe restrictions by the police and paramilitary forces all over the region, to participate in the Telangana Vidyarthi Garjana on Sunday . The police were themselves shocked to see such a huge turnout despite the restrictions put on their movements.
Tens of thousands of Girls from 10 Telangana dists marched to Osmania .The students occupied every inch of space available in the OU campus and raised Jai Telangana slogans. It was a sea of humanity everywhere in the campus. Though there were no political party representatives and no organisational mechanisms, the JAC student leaders made arrangements for themselves
Girls who turned up for Telangana Vidyarthi Garjana at Osmania cheering the balladeers . Despite strong restictions levied by police and para military an rough estimate of 2 lakhs students turned up another 1 lakh students were stopped on their way to Osmania Univ.
Above Telangana students relasing New Year calender with Arts college in backdrop . A large number of families with children were also able to enter the OU premises. While the main meeting was held at the grounds in front of the Arts college, there were three other venues on the campus that had some meetings on. The OU meeting appears to give an indication that the Telangana protesters are readying themselves for a long-drawn battle

Osmania University Telangana Vidyardula Simha Garjana @ Arts Coll

A huge turn out of students to Osmania campus has electrified the situation at "Telangana Vidyarthi Garjana" . When the meeting has started with invitees speaking one by one from the dias, students clapped to the provocative calls from leaders.

Power of youth and power of the students reverberated in their speeches. Most of these speeches concentrated on criticizing those Political parties who are against formation of Telangana state, remembering the 1969 agitation, warnings to Political leaders who are against Telangana and taking oaths to take forward the movement even without association of Political parties.

Few highlights of this students roar are:
1. Chandrababu Naidu has conducted the secret meet of Coastal Andhra investors and YS Jagan has conducted the meet of Rayalaseema investors to stop the movement of Telangana.
2. Students promised not to write any kind of exams till Telangana is declared.
3. Lok Satta and TDP Chandrababu Naidu must change their attitude towards Telangana.
4. MIM, CPI and PRP should come with students and help formation of Telangana.
5. State and Central Governments would be sent to burial ground if Jan 5 talks fail.
6. Osmania University is the land of martyrs and Telangana movement has taken birth not from Politicians but from students.
7. Bury the party offices of TDP, Congress and Lok satta if they are against Telangana.
8. All those students (Amaraveerulu) who lost lives in this Telangana movement should be given Rs.10lakh each and a Govt. job to one of their family members.
9. Roshaiah Gochi Oodaali and Seemandhra leaders Khabaddaar if any word uttered against Telangana.
10. Hyderabad is a part of Telangana state and no one can tear it apart.
11. Police are trying to obstruct huge turn out students from 10 districts of Telangana in the outskirts of Hyderabad.

With a turn out of nearly one and half lakh students and personalities like KodandaRam, konda lakshman Bapuji, Telangana Director Shankar…the energy levels of students raised many a times with shouting of “Jai Telangana” slogans.


KishoreNeera said...

So what do we do to achieve a separate state, Telangana State will become a reality when we endanger the existence of all political parties opposed to the Telangana state and show the aggressors that the region can no longer be exploited. We can do this in several ways

1. If your MLA/MP is against Telangana State write a letter to the speaker of the assembly/lok sabha informing him/her that the people of the constituency have no faith in the elected representative and that he/she no longer represents the constituency
2. Each individual should write a post card to the President of India, the Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi demanding Telangana State
3. In giving your address write Telangana and not Andhra Pradesh
4. Prevail upon the Andhras and Rayalseema people you know to support Telangana State and if they do not do so boycott them. This treatment should be meted out to all who oppose Telangana state
5. As far as possible do not patronize shops and business establishments owned by Andhras and Rayalseema people
6. Do not let out your premises to the Andhras and Rayalseema people and if you have them as tenants politely ask to vacate your premises immediately

Remember the future of our children and the next will depend on what we do today.

Jai Telangana

Jai Hind

Anonymous said...

dear kishore neera sir,

u dont have to ask the andhrites to vacate because no andhrite is staying at anybodys house free of cost in fact we have let our houses to telanganites but we dont do that

anyway i cant stop appreciating u for the great strategy u r propagating


a hindu from vijaywada

Anonymous said...

raj bhai

i pity

hindu ideology is used here and separatist movement against andhra hindus

can u dare to drive out the nizami moslims out of hyderabad instead of andhra hindus


natturam godse

Anonymous said...

raj bhai

i 've seen on the TV that owaisi bros are demanding a second SRC and presidents rule

i pity the separatist ideology against telugu hindus from vijaywada which is a pain to me


natturam godse from vijaywada

Anonymous said...

Raj bhai,

i've very high regards for u and i've introduced numerous friends of mine to ur blog

but the pity is u people complain against a person(hindu) who occupied wakf lands which is a pride to me

my request to the people who r followers of right wing rumblings should support a person(hindu) who occupies wakf lands


natturam godse from vijaywada

Anonymous said...

If Telangana is formed there is no need for Andhrawalas to leave, they can leave happily in T. so Andhra Guys dont worry .

Anonymous said...

Bookmarked this. Sometimes non-standard due to you after sharing. Definitely value my time.

Anonymous said...

It is an irony of times that today's Kodanda Rama is turning OU students into "Rakshasas" who use stones as weapons and immolate innocent students to draw their attention. Second irony is Vijaya Shanthi cannot be peaceful even for one minute? Wakeup folks, we want Telangana but not at the cost of destroying Hyderabad.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but are you from telangana? If you are, do you think that you guys need a seperate state? If you do then let me tell you what, all this non sence in Hyderabad is going on because of KCR, do you think he is doing it for you people? no he is not he is doing it for his own sake, to make a lot of money and to become a CM for a state. Why don't you people ever understand the politics? I am not critisicing you, but PLZ think before you do anything. if you have understood the situation, I am happy, if not I am sorry. Think about all the negetive things that will happen, look at hyderabad now, previously and imagen after telangana State is finalized, also think about what is going to happen to hderabad.

HANAMN said...

jai telangana
i am cogratulating to raj for starting our electronic media

naga said...

Jai Telengana , Jai Jai Telengana,