Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 : Good Bye Andhra , Welcome Telangana State!!


Anonymous said...

Raj Bhai

its a pity that me being a hindu is treated like a foreigner in hyderbad

i'm proud to say that i'm a hindu from vijaywada and i'm a proud hindu who lives in hyderabad

its a pity that in my own country i'm treated as a foreigner


a hindu from vijaywada

Neera Kishore said...

The outcome of the all party meeting on Telangana is but a small setback in the journey for a separate state. The talks have laid bare the ugly truth, the opposition to Telangana is the status of Hyderabad, the five centuries old capital of the region. The Andhra and Rayalseema exploiters are willing to let go of Telangana if Hyderabad is made a joint capital or a Union Territory.

All talk of a united Andhra is nothing but eyewash to keep exploiting Hyderabad. These people have in collusion with successive Andhra and Rayalseema led governments in the state illegally acquired large tracts of land in and around Hyderabad. Ramalinga Raju is the biggest example of this greed and even the powers in Delhi know the real reason behind Lagdapati’s dramabaazi, is the prospect of the Telangana Government seizing the illegal lands occupied by him.

Let the nation and our antagonists know that Telangana with its 10 districts including Hyderabad is non-negotiable. And we the people of Telangana are willing to lay down our lives for this.

Telangana Garjana was the first step in the third and final agitation for a separate state and the voice raised continues to echo across the region. I personally applaud the grit and courage shown by students of the government school in Medak who wrote “Jai Telangana” on the answer sheets and handed it over to the teachers without writing the half-yearly examinations. The elders are not to be left behind people in their 60’s and 70’s from the Telangana Retired Employees, Teachers and Workers’ Welfare Mission, have resolved to actively participate in the separatist agitation till a State is achieved.

When the will of the people is with us can Telangana state be far behind.

Jai Telangana
Jai Hind

Anonymous said...

dear kishore neera sir

as u said lagadapati occupied lands in hyderabad

i admit it is true and he occupied wakf lands if u have guts go and occupy them


nathuram godse