Thursday, December 24, 2009

Telangana betrayed again , a civil war is inevitable

Telangana seperate state fight a Do or Die battle now

Congratulations Andhras! Today Andhras have once again won against their arch rivals Telanganas. The goal score stands at 200-0.

The game is still on. Telanganas have been facing the onslaught of the majority Andhras for fifty years now and are being ruthlessly and mercilessly beaten, but looks like there is no respite for Telangana because Andhras are not letting Telangana stop the game. Andhras want to continue the game and keep Telangana playing so that they can better their score. They want to break all records eventually, that of Nizam rule of Telangana, British occupation of India, Sri Lankan suppression of Tamils, that of Israeli occupation of Palestine, that of White discrimination of Blacks. May be they want to keep the game on so that one day they can even break the record of Nadir Shah and Genghis Khan.

Andhras scored the first goal within the first second of the game when Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy dismissed the idea of Deputy CM that was agreed upon in Gentlemen’s Agreement right on 1st November of 1956, thereby starting the saga of humiliation of Telanganas.

Later on, every point of Gentlemen’s Agreement was flouted meticulously making the score 10-0. All the agreements of 1960s were flouted. Various GOs that were agreed upon were eventually flouted. The decimation of Telangana has just begun. It was the turn of irrigation where every agreement was ignored depriving the region of its share of water decreasing the irrigated land of 20 Lakh Acres in 1956 to 12 Lakh Acres in 2004, thereby proving that Telangana was better off under Nizam Regime than under Andhra Regime. With that the score reached 100-0.

Andhras scored a major victory when they launched ‘Jai Andhra’ movement to seek a separate state in 1973 to overturn a Supreme Court ruling that protected Telanganas. Then it was the case of government jobs. 25,000 illegal jobs based on bogus Mulki certificates were given to Andhras by 1975 and about 60,000 illegal jobs by 1985. The score reached 150-0.

For the last twenty years, Telangana was cheated on every front, from moving funds that belonged to Telangana to Andhra, from allocation of lopsided budgets for colleges and schools favoring Andhras, stalling implementation of GO 610 and other presidential orders. The score was standing at 199-0 last night.

Tonight, Andhras have done very well for themselves. They have used the power of majority to cow the minority into submission. They used fasts, riots on streets, protests, strikes, bandhs, and even antics like fleeing from Vijayawada hospital to Hyderabad hospital, to stifle the voice of a minority region in their state. All the Andhra politicians who have earlier promised Telangana State did a blatant U-turn as if it was preordained.

P Chidambaram, Home Minister of India, has put the Telangana state formation on hold giving another victory to Andhras. While Andhras rejoice on depriving Telangana of their state, Telanganas stand dejected once again. Looks like there is no respite for Telanganas! They continue to lose to Andhras without any let down. They are tired of this game. It was Nizam before and it is now Andhras. They want to opt out, but they are not allowed to. Andhras want to score few more goals. They are not done yet. ‘Abhi game baki hai dost’, they tell us. One of the pending goals is to take away Hyderabad from Telangana. That way they can leave Telangana completely sucked dry, emasculated, emaciated, humiliated and battered.

Today, everyone in Telangana is clear on one thing. The only reason P Chidambaram changed his stance on Telangana is because of Andhra-Rayalaseema people and politicians. Most of us, even the most reasonable, literate and rational people of Telangana, hold Andhra politicians and people responsible for what happened today and grant you the victory. All the democratic institutions of India have failed us today.

But since the game is still on, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Andhra people and politicians on their decisive victories. Congratulations on your score of 200-0.



Anonymous said...

Telengana is a Just Cause. Andhra people are just creating drama to get Hyderabad. Hyderabad should belong to Telengana only and not even a union teritory. If you want to reach any of area of Andhra Pradesh from Hyderabad it will take minimum travel of 200 Km. Then how can Andhra have Hyderabad as capital. Its not emotional value since no one is being asked to leave Hyderabad even after Telengana comes into place, all these crooked Andhra people (Ramalinga Raju, Lanco Rajgopal and co) wants its pure economic interest since after Telengana comes and Land ceiling act is put in place many of the corrupt money the coastal and Rayalseema people have invested in Lands in Hyderabad will go away. Whatever said and done Andhrites cant get away from the fact that people of Telengana was deprived of thier due for the last 50 years and Andhrites had eaten up the resources meant for people of Telengana. Leaving Hyderabad Telengana dont have an airport also. Thats the kind of development Andhraits have done for Telengana. The worst joke is asking AP assembly to pass a resolution for forming Telengana. How will some crooks vote against giving up a golden goose which they have been misutilising/looting for so many years. Centre has to just pass an oridinance for forming a new state.

natturamgodse said...

raj bhai,

i'm a die hard disciple of natturam godse and vir savarkar.
the posts on ur bolg hurt me a lot.
i'm a hindu born and brought up in vijaywada and i've been staying in hyderabad for the last ten years.

natturamgodse always dreamt of akhandbharat and i always dream for akhand andhra pradesh

no dora like KCR can drive me out of hyderabad.

today it is KCR and TRS ,tomorrow it might be YASIN MALLIK and kashmir

this is nothing but a crooked GAME by the italian sonia gandhi to make a leader out of dead snake KCR

mohandas gandhi stabbed akhand bharat and gave a piece to Jinnah and soniagandhi the italian upheld the tradition of mohandas gandhi and on her 64th birthday stabbed akhand andhra pradesh and gave a piece to KCR

natturam godse

Gandaragolaka said...

chudandi mr.natturam godse,

I have maharashtrian blood in me as well, and I know what Chhatrapati Shivaji, Samarth Ramdas swami and Veer Savarkar and Keshav Hedgewar said.

Formation of telangana is the first step in the war against Muslims. Your people have no idea about muslims. You havent tasted them while we have lived under then for more than 500 years.

ABVP, RSS, and VHP are all much more powerful and organised in Telangana than Andhra. Give us our due land and we can turn the tide for Bharat.

Jai Bhavani,

Anonymous said...

Mr Gandaragolaka

my question is why did u live under muslims for 500 years

i'm proud to say that i'm a great disciple of vir savarkar and i was born and brought up in vijaywada

we have never let muslims rule us

and we have a numerous muslims in vijaywada

we control them

y u people failed to control the nizam

we can control even aurangzeb

my dear brother if u feel that telangana is separated from AP and u become powerful then i have no problem to quit hyderabad and go back to vijaywada


natturam godse

Kiran said...

Brothers dont crticise each other. Either divided or united we are Indians. Hamara Bharath mahan hai.

advaith reddy said...

the lagadapatis and chandrababu all are useless they want telangana resources and money .useless bastards Telangana is great jai KCR jai telangana