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Lagadapati Raja Gopal another cheater from Andhra

Scams ,Scandals of Andhra Fraudster

Lagadapati (Lanco) Raja Gopal

(know the actual story behind Lagadapati’s United Andhra drama)

· His 7200 Core illegal Lanco Hills Real Estate Project o the brink of collapse

· Cheated AP Public to the tune of 1000 crores through Lanco Kondaplli Power

· Involved in illegal Hawala transfers. Lanco MD arrested recently with Hawala Money

· Involved in mega insurance scam running in to several crores . Siphoned 1.53 Crores fraudulently from Basara IIT Project and also from TTD Vedic University project.

· Filed false affidavit regarding number of children during the election

· Lanco is involved in litigations with almost all the state governments where it has projects. It was thrown out of some project for fraud.

Gopal alias Lanco Raj Gopal is a 45 year old industrialist turned Politician known for his rabid hatred towards Telangana Statehood movement. There is some background behind his hatred towards Telangana.

Lagadapati bought 108 acres of land at Manikonda in Hyderabad from government of AP to develop an it SEZ. Once the government allotted him the land , he has limited the IT SEZ, to less than 1/4th of the total land and converted this land into a real estate venture named Lanco Hills . Estimated at Rs.7,200 Crores, Lanco Hills is touted as the one of the largest real estate ventures in India.

Raj Gopal is claiming all kinds of exemption from Government under the SEZ act for his real-eastate business. He is duping the state and central government by conducting his business under the “LANCO Hills Technology Park Pvt Ltd”. The state and central government already lost crores of rupees by waiving stamp duty and all kinds of taxes for this real-estate venture.

Lanco also kept changing its company names to perpetuate this real-estate fraud. When it began, the company was called Lanco Technologies Private Limited . it was subsequently changed to “Lanco Technology park private Limited” on June 7, 2005, to Lanco Mantri Technology park Privated Limited”. On November 24, 2005 and further to “Lanco Hills Technology park Private Limited “on July 6, 2006. As soon as construction started at Lanco Hills ,news broke out that this land belonged to Hussain Sha Wali Dargha under wakf Board.

Wakaf Board is equivalent to the Endowment department which takes care of Hindu Temple lands. This Minority Institution has thousand of acres of lands around Hyderabad.

The Joint Parliament committee appointed on Wakf land had last year found that of 1,600 acres prime wakf Land in Manikondad, 829.35acres were encroached by the government, which sold the same to several companies including Lanco Hills.

Following a write petition, the Andhra Pradesh State high court had issued a stay 2007 on Construction at Lanco Hills. As Raj gopal is an MP and had several connections in the right places, he managed to get the stay evicted. He also managed to stop the Wakf Board from approaching the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the real-estate bubble in Hyderabad burst and buyers started dropping off Lanco Hills apartment like hot potatoes . When Lanco went for public issue, it promised to build 18.5 millions sq ft in Lanco Hills. As soon as booking began , Lanco Hills had reported bookings of 4 millions sq ft. In December 2008, it admitted that bookings were down to 2 millions sq ft. Industry insiders say that the current booking are much less than even that.

Already reeling under a severe recession, the Telangana state announcement from Chidambaram rattled Lanco Raj Gopal severely . It is all most certain that his real –estate empire will collapse like a pack of cards if Telangana state is formed .Apart from financial losses, Raj Gopal fear that newly formed government will initiate action against him for severe irregularities in the Lanco Hills Project which include evading taxes under the SEZ act.

And stop that from happening Lagadapati is fuelling the United Andhra Pradesh agitation by engineering resignations of MLA and MPs and also providing monetary support to the agitation in coastal Andhra.

Richest Politician in Andhra Pradesh

Lagadapati is richest politician in Andhra Pradesh .He declared assets worth Rs.299 Crores in the recent election leaving behind Ex chief Ministers Chandra Babu Naidu and Late YS Rajasekhar Reddy.

This perhaps explains why he could engineer such mass resignations in Andhra region.

Hawala King

In March 2007 , the then Managing Director of Lanco Infratech, G.Venkatesh Babu was caught at the Hyderabad Airport with uncounted money of about Rs.34 Lakhs. During the interrogation , Babu confessed that the money belonging to Lanco. And immediately Lagadapati Raja Gopal swung into action and pulled all the “right” strings to get his man and his company out of this tangle. So powerful were Raj Gopal’s contacts that income tax department, while reporting this cash seizure, did not even the release the name of the company to which Venkatesh Babu belonged to . The IT Department’s official statement read “managing director of a power development and infrastructure company” was caught.

Babu later changed his version and said that this money does not belong to Lanco but is personal money . Media reported that this money is hawala money belonging to Lanco and is being used to pay kickbacks.

False Affidavit in Elections

A write petition is filed in the Andhra Pradesh High Court challenging his election to Lok sabha from Vijayawada. The petition said that Lagadapati did not give information about his third son which was mentioned in the affidavit submitted by him at the time of filing nomination. According to petition Lagadapati claimed he was two sons during 2004 elections and three sons during the 2009 elections. However, there was no mention of this third son in Lagadapati’s election affidavit and hence his election in invalid, the petition said.

Insurance Fraud

Lanco Infratech is under probe for reworking insurance deals to claim crores of rupees as reimbursement from state government corporations. The company ,which handles mega construction projects for the state government, including AP Health and Medical Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation(APHMHIDC),renegotiated premium amounts with insurance companies and pocketed huge refunds. Even Lord Balaji was not spared as one of the Lanco project now under the scanner relates to the construction of the Vedic University of the Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanam, sources said

The premium reimbursements related to the CAR(contractor all-risk) policies that Lanco Infratech had to take for each project as per the tender rules. Under the CAR norms. The contractor company, Lanco Infratech in this instance,would have to the entire project and claim reimbursement of premium from the principals, mostly government companies and TTD in one case.

Lnco Infratech would first negotiate the policy with an insurer and pay up the premium. It would get the premium refunded from the contracting principal. Thereafter it would go back to the insurer to renegotiate the premium, saying it had got a lower quote from a competitor company. The insurer agreed to lower the premium and refunded the balance ,which Lanco Infratech would not report to the principal and simply pocketed. The government companies have suffered huge losses by paying up higher premiums and this has been going on at least from2007.

The construction of an integrated educational complex for the Indian Insitute of Information Technology (IIT) at Basar in Aadilabad district is a classic case. Lanco had braught insurance cover with the New India Assurance,Basheerbagh,for payment Rs.1,89,60,000 as premium.

After getting it refunded by principal ,APHMHIDC, Lanco Infratech went back to the insurer to renegotiate a steep drop in the premium. That deal through policy no: 610200/44/08/03/600 00027 yielded Lanco Infratech a refund of Rs.1.53 crore and the government corporation was in the dark.

The project for medical college in Ongole and Srikakulam had yielded premium refunds of Rs.17 lakh and 11 lakh respectively.

“Our vigilance officials are probing irregularities” said the chairman and managing director G.Srinivasan of the United India Insurance Co. Ltd, acknoldging the Lanco scam.UIIC investigator are now busy checking whether some of their own executives had colluded with Lanco Infratech. A few other insurance majors figure in the list of insurers that Lanco had used in its fruitful project deals.

Lanco Sasan Controversy

In July 2007, the Empowered Group of Minsters(EGOM) cancelled the bid of Lanco consortium for the 4,000 MW ultra mega power project in sasan, Madhya Pradesh. The Lanco Group is alleged to have violated norms by quoting the financial and technical strength of its foreign partner’s company project deals.

Vizahinjam International Transhipment Terminal Port controversy

Lanco was awarded the 5,300-crores project on build-operate-transfer basis in May 2008 through global tender. Zoom Developers, the only other bidder other than Lanco was disqualified on technical grounds. Zoom went to Court challenging its disqualification during the appraisal of its technical bid. The case moved from the Kerala High Court to the Supreme Court. After much litigation, Lanco decided to pull out from this project.

Power Politics

Lanco is perhaps the number one company when it comes to litigation and controversies. Almost all its power projects are mired in controversies.

Andhra Pradesh

The Chandra Babu Naidu government entered in to faulty power purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Lanco Kondapalli Power which resulted in excessive payments to the tune of 586 Crores between 2001 and 2006 . Andhra Pradesh Transmission Corporation has levied liquidated damages of Rs.95.16 Crores for delay in achieving commercial production.

According to conservative estimates , Lanco Kondapalli Power project benefitted to tune of Rs.1000 Crores from the faulty power purchase Agreements of AP state government.


Lanco bidded for 1320 M W Rajpura thermal plant in Punjab, but the PSEB Engineers Association has said that the bid is very high and should be re-invited . The PSEB Engineers Association in its letter to Punjab Chief Minister had pointed out that the poor track record of Lanco in executing projects.Lanco has quoted Rs.1.829 per unit as fixed charges where as sterlite had quoted Rs. 1.20 per unit for Talwandi Sabo Project in Punjab.


The former Finace Minster of Haryana Sampat Sing said in 2008 February that the Lanco Amarkantak Thermal Project was full of loopholes and allegedly smacked of corruption and favoritism. He said the State government would purchase electricity at landed cost of Rs.2075 per unit under this deal, whereas from the Sasan Project of MP, it would get electricity at the rate of Rs.1.19 per unit. This big difference showed that there was corruption in the deal, he alleged.

Lagadapati doesnt stay with his two wives combinely at one place...then how can he fight for samaikya andhra.....

Courtesy : Telangana IT Forum


Justice said...

Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal’s ongoing “indefinite fast” at Vijayawada was marred by an unsavoury incident for him on Friday.

Janaki Iyer, Rajagopal’s alleged “keep,” came to the Swaraj Maidan all of a sudden to call on her unofficial husband who is undertaking fast there. She also brought her son, supposedly born to Rajagopal, along with her. Before she made any nuisance there, she was forcibly sent away from the place.

Media persons who were covering the incident spotted the entire scene, but did not telecast the same. Reason was simple: Rajagopal managed the entire media there and has been getting only positive coverage. He requested them to ignore the incident. And they did just that!

Srini Bodduluri said...

Nothing surprising that a business man has heaps of money. It would do good to you and the rest of us if some research goes into money making by full-time politicians who have never does any business like KCR, Dattareya, Venkaiah Naidu etc. Also take some time off from your hate mongering and read something other than hearsay yellow journalism. you will learn to write about even an extra-marital relationship without using sleaze words like 'keep'. You will know to distinguish a company and a shareholder and several other things that you can never learn this way...great traditions of criticism etc etc

Anonymous said...

i dont understand why the media is bashing lagadapati so much....he was never in the news before, and always maintained a low profile. just because he is fighting for a unified andhra...whatts wrong..? even if you guys think he is trying to protect his lanco hills ? what is wrong ? its his money after all ? and he wanted to give hyderabad the image of world class residency towers....and no one spoke one word when he was launching it or building all of sudden everyone is mudslinging...its not fair....and the song you kept on your blog site is too cheap .....and surprissing to what extent you can stooop down....for throwing mud at people....lot of stories of TRS leaders are also floating....but no one is publishing it...and do u think the media is hiding them also ?????come on you have to give positive coverage of any article...

ravi said...

Please write the facts....we should not worry how many wifes...lagadapati has......

lanco a meag will become the land mark....whether you like it or not.....

I am not siding with telangana or andhra for that matter....just because he belongs to andhra does not mean that we have to be mean with him....

If he has cheated any mention it but back it up with facts....

I am an investor at lanco hills.... but i have nothing to do with lagadapati or present agitations....

we have to live in peace let other live too....


Anonymous said...

Raj ,

View this blog & read Nov 19th post


nathuramgodse said...

Raj Bhai
i'm a die hard fan of Vir Savarkar and Parampujya Nathuram Sri Godse

But I hate KCR and formation Of separate Telangana State

This is nothing but the Italian Sonia Gandhis Game to divide people of andhra pradesh

Cnu said...

Who developed hyd?

Raghu said...

@ Raj Bhai

I am a die hard fan of Shre Shree Nathuram Godse an active member of His community in Orkut.
Please know the facts if you are not from A.P. Contact any Telanganaote and they will tell you why they need a state.

Jai Telangana
Jai Jai HInd

Anonymous said...

LANCO ante LANjala COmpany

Greatandhra said...

Telangana and Andhra are like Lagadapati's two sons with first wife and third son wit second wife. If he can't succeed in uniting all three sons and two wives, he can never success in uniting andhra. Even if he succeeds in the short term, he can't keep them united for long.

He is the ultimate corrupt politician and industrialist in the entire Indian politics, who does not care anything other than saving his ilegal assets and hawala money.

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Jai Telangana said...

This is a greater movement now it is entered into Telangana villages, towns and every ware,movement became greater movement . A number of students were died expressing and demanding separate Telangana State. the main political parties are Now looking not form the Telangana state indirectely.

Jai Telangana said...

This is a greater movement now it is entered into Telangana villages, towns and every ware,movement became greater movement . A number of students were died expressing and demanding separate Telangana State. the main political parties are Now looking not form the Telangana state indirectely.