Thursday, December 17, 2009

Seema-Andhra Brokers and their Joker local followers

People from Telangna have been asking for equality in sharing resources from the day the movement started. There has been no equality in sharing water, food supplies, education. Its not a sudden whim which came in a day or two, its a struggle over five and half decades, its a struggle for its existence ,self rule and self respect . When people were protesting and agitating now why didn't the united Andhra slogan come up before?why YS Jagn started showing his cunningness of developing Telangana now? why has no one ever … said "Yes, Telangana needs some attention...".

Their love is not for Telanganites but on cash rich Hyderabad . Its crystal clear, people from Andhra and Rayalaseema do not want to lose Hyderabad, the total love is only on Hyderabad not on Telangana. Opposition leaders and parties like Chandra babu, Chiranjeevi, CPI, CPM... every one supported separate Telangana, Even politicians from different states and the second largest party BJP also supported Jai Telangana movement, everyone said we support if the bill is brought but It is heart breaking to see everyone taking a back foot and the funny part is Chiranjeevi is gonna start fasting from today in Tirupati, people respected, loved him for what he was in cinema but now he has become another black sheep in the herd. I do not wonder if politics have transformed him into a regular political person... !!

When people and students from Telangana were protesting and rallying, whole telangana was under 144 section, oppostion leaders asked the government to take an immediate decision and when all the congress leaders, MLAs, MPs were asked for an opinion, every single freaking politician said " verdict is left to the hands of central govt (Sonia Gandhi)" but when PC Chidambaram released a statement to the press, all the non telangana politicians started united Andhra Pradesh slogan.

Leave the politicians, why didn't the locals of Andhra and Seema said no to a separate telangana while people from Telangana were fighting for a separate state....??? everyone from Andhra and Rayalaseema says we want a united AP but no bloody human says we will join hands in developing Telangana Region. All of a sudden a rogue, corrupted politician who puts Tilakam and holds India flag from Vijayawada becomes a hero overnight.

A bald politician with a pot size tummy from Rayalaseema wanted a separate Rayalaseema state by giving 1 lakh crore INR rupees as compensation and when Telangana movement took the top gear, he increased the bounty by saying we want separate Rayalaseema with 2 lakh crore INR, What a loser he is, he represents the Rayalaseema region and he talks like a broker. Are these the ppl who are gonna decide the fate of a common man???

Giving a separate state for some silly reasons is ridiculous but Telangana ppl deserve what is theirs, even PC chidambaram agreed to this, in his statement he clearly said Telangana ppl deserve a separate state but I do not know how many years we will have to witness this inequality and injustice. Hope is the only thing what Telangana people have now....

జై తెలంగాణా !

Courtesy:sravan reddy
కాంగ్రెస్--తెలుగు దేశం ల లో
ఒక్కటే గలగల లు--ప క ప క లు
గుస గుస లు--
మోసానికి దారులు వెతుకుంటూ
కొత్త పన్నాగాలు పన్నుతున్నారు
ఓపీ క లేదు
తేల్చుకోక తప్పధు
తెగబద్దోనికి-- తెడ్డి లింగం

బెమాన్ ల తో
మాకు తలాక్ తప్పధు
కొత్త పార్టీలు పుట్టినా
జెండాలు మారినా
జన జీవన విధానం మారాలి
మార్పు కోసం పోరాడి తీరుతాం
కొత్త నడుకతో
కొత్త మాటలతో
కొత్త పాటలతో
కొత్త పరుగులతో
సాధిస్తాం-- జై తెలంగాణా ను

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