Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Telangana marches towards Non Cooperation Movement, from february 17

Above leaflet was printed by Cine Star Krishna  in favour of seperate state of Andhra , during  1972 'Jai Andhra' Movement . In it he exalts Andhra people to stop paying Taxes in protest against Telangana mulki rules. Now time has come to pay back them in same coin.

Non Cooperation to Non Violence Harassment.

Now stage is set for “ Non Cooperation “ in Telangana from February 17 . After using all sorts of peaceful protest , T-JAC has taken up this Satyagraha kind of agitation . This is Last Dakka (push) towards formation of T-State. If Sonia regime fail to heed to our request , then an Egypt kind of fight will be happening on the streets of Hyderabad . If Governments think of using Police & Para Military forces to curb Non Cooperation by Govt employees , then civil society will be on streets to protect our NGO’s and  one canot rule out another “ Chauri-Chura” happening in the region .

It had been almost a month and half  now since Sri Krishna report on Telangana is out . Many expected a violent reaction on streets by defiant  TG activists . Cant blame them alone , Politicians  have used all the words in dictionary which remind us of Natural Calamity like will create an Earth Quake if SKC report goes against TG, so on so forth. But the people of Telangana has shown their War tactics  by not taking up violent methods to register their protest and thus surprised the State Govt which bought Para Military forces to crush the Warriors .

Having said that , lemme clear the decks, by confessing that,  Iam not against taking up violent methods to achieve the Telangana state . That can be taken when all other peaceful methods fail .  What we do not want now is another 1969 kind of students massacre. Violence ( Civil War) shud be our last resort , coz  history has been full of examples  which proclaims that not much is won thru Violence , except pain and death . But , its better to die waging a War than sit idle and get robed/humiliated .

T-fight has percolated now to nook and corner of the region . Every village has now turned into a Protest zone  as thousands of people from all spectra of society uniting under one banner . T-JAC gave call for indefinite Sit –in’s (Nirahara Deeksha) , and the result is almost 20000 tents have popped up all over Telangana. Sit-In program has proved the mettle of the cause.  Its now second week since Nirahara Deeksha Shibirs have come up , and public are taking turns to participate in the program.

Nowhere in the world , one might have seen such a peaceful agitation , its hard even to imagine 20000 camps running successfully for such a long time . Not just the camps, people have voluntarily boycotted sate governments prestigious Racha-Banda program . Women in villages came out with broom sticks in their hands and threatened to use them if any Minister or MLA dare to enter their village . This scene was seen in all the villages of Telangana.
Now time has come to take up the last Peaceful Agitation , before we launch our Lethal attack . T-JAC , ABVP , BJP , TRS has now given call for “ Non Cooperation Movement/Satyagraha ” , it is  on lines of our Independence Fight . Balaganghadar Tilak , Lalalajpat Rai were the people behind this Idea and the same was  successfully implemented by Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Veer Savarkar, Hedgewar, Gandhi and others . Following our freedom fighters footsteps , Telangana activists now plan to launch “Another Freedom Struggle for Self Rule “ from February 17 . 

To make this Non Cooperation a success , Telangana has to resolve strongly. There are 3 parts in this “ Civil disobedience/Satyagraha” . Firstly we will choke all the revenues of the government . No Taxes will be paid , this will lead to an acute insufficiency of funds in State treasury , Remember 70 % of state revenue in form of Taxes comes from Telangana .

So once we choke the State government , no other Financial institutions will lend or give any Overdrafts . State Govt has already taken so many advances from RBI , seeing the civil disobedience movement , even it will hesitate to give OD or further advances . With the movement picking up Finacial Institutions like World-Bank , ADB, IMF will pressurise the govt to clear its debts, this will burden the State more.

So to make the above Civil Disobedience happen , we need to show our Unity . From Feb 17 No Telanganite will pay the Electricity charges, VAT, Sales Tax, Property Tax, Land-Vehicle Registration Fees and all such other taxes which can be defined as Income to Government and Tax payment  should be evaded till Telangana state is formed . Board a Train or Bus without a Ticket show your resentment towards the state, when Ticket collector comes , tell him in strongest terms that you prefer imprisonment than buying ticket till TG is formed . Don’t worry State will hesitate to go for disconnection any of its services for non payment or arrest Ticket less travellers or Defaulters , coz it will lead to untoward volatile situation as it will boomerang on stat government .

  This is not impossible task   Gorkhas in Darjeeling since 2007  are following civil disobedience . 30 Lakh Gorkhas are not paying electricity bill nor other taxes and in turn they are enjoying all the government services for FREE. If 30 Lakh Gorkha can bring down the govt to kneel, then why cant we replicate it here as part of our struggle.

The second part of this Civil Disobedience is that all the Gazetted , Non Gazetted , Teachers and all other government employees will stop all their work in protest . This boycott of Govt employees will overload the administrative system .With this the entire State Government Machinery will come to an standstill.

 Last part of this Non-Cooperation Movement will be that we will boycott all the products made by Seema-Andhra companies. With this act of boycott we will try to break their financial backbone .  Will not stop just boycotting SeemaAndhra products , but will go a step further and boycott them Socially too . Building owners should ask Seemandhra tenants to vacate premises  immediately , Employers fire Seemanadhra employees , Stop all social relations , bully  them , avoid meeting them , vendors stop selling products to them  and make them understand that they are not welcome in Telangana .

 Catch Seemandhrites off guard on busy Roads ask them when are they planning to leave Tealngana , trespass into their Homes and stick TG stickers, tell them using strongest words “ Bistar , Biwi bandho aur Bhago “( which means Pack your bedding ,wife and move). If your  land owner is  Seemandhrite , hold back monthly rent,  don’t pay the rent at all . Play all the possible “mind games” with them . Run a fear psychosis in them , Harass them at will . Thus force them to come in support of our movement or  Quit Telangana . This is called as “Non-Violent Harassment”.

Mental polarisation is TOTAL in the state . Now it’s the time to ask Andhra settlers  in Hyderabad to cast their vote ,either support us or leave the region and there’s no middle way .The Telanganites  must awake to the reality that all is fair in War , any stupid love or sympathy towards Seemandhra people living in HYD , will prove futile in long run . We have no hatred towards  ordinary Seemandhrites but their silence on TG is proving hindrance for formation of  our state . We should recognise that our generosity towards Seemandhra people living in HYD , had led to our exploitation . Now its high time we say ‘enough is enough’ and fight for our rightful cause .  We fought our long battle on lines of Peace till now . Now , its high time for Seemandhrites acknowledge our fight and allow Andhra Pradesh MAP to be redrawn .


pradyumna said...

The Telangana political JAC had sounded a war bugle. It called for a non-cooperation movement. It termed its latest effort as the final battle to reach the objective end of the aspirations of four crore Telangana people.

The stage is set for one final hurrah, like in the words of KCR, the vanguard of Telangana movement, “one final push, Telangana preordained.”

Telangana for that matter the whole state of Andhra Pradesh has been witnessing an emotional cataclysm from trepidation of uncertainty through ecstasy to fear of anarchy for the last one year. Congress, the party of 125 years of experience messed up things due to its inability to comprehend the truth which it was incapable of reading. It failed to assess the impact of Telangana issue. It failed to foresee the consequences of allowing the issue to dodge. “Chaos was the result” and “cacophony was the consequence”. And Congress was left to pay heavy price for its mistake.

For people and politicians in Telangana the situation might appear normal vis-à-vis severity of the Telangana movement but situation in the region is worsening by the day. The“polarization of the state is complete”. Within the state you are either for Telangana or against it. There is ‘no middle path” left for anyone. Not anymore. The same goes for Congress too.

The Congress men may have successfully taken the middle path for the last so many years but not anymore. They are trying to buy time in letting KCR target TDP. It is trying to buy peace by encouraging people like Telangana senior congress leaders to play to the gallery with slogans like “Telangana could be either given or achieved by Congress only”. They cannot delay taking a decision on the issue of separate state of Telangana anymore. For time being Congress might be successful in letting TRS target TDP.

Unfortunately, congress had delayed taking a decision for so long that it stands to lose even if it now grants statehood to Telangana, for a variety of reasons. The Telangana people are no more willing to buy what Congress is trying to sell them. They had developed skepticism over Congress stand on the issue. Congress is trying to swim against the tide and its drowning in the Telangana tsunami is inevitable.

And KCR is no naïve to the politics and is aware of the situation. Hence, the final push in the form of non-cooperation movement. Will he succeed? Is the non-cooperation, the last effort as being claimed by the Telangana protagonists? What if the move failed to stir the Congress think tanks? Will KCR resign to the fate that movements failed to achieve Telangana and call upon the people once again to give him “numbers for Parliamentary lobbying?”

Well, whatever might be the consequences of the final push, one thing is clear that it made Congress men look for answers, search for solutions and rush for New Delhi. Will “never smiling and ever silent Madam Sonia” open “her mouth to spell her decision?” Can the Telangana Congress men make her talk or at least influence her to respond to their appeals? Will the oscillations of war bugle sounded by TPJAC reach the ears of Delhi bosses?

Well time is the healer and it will reveal the answers to treat the gangrene which the state of Andhra Pradesh is being affected by.

Pradyumna said...

The stage at which the situation is today wherein there are widespread differences within Telangana Congress leaders and people in Telangana region have developed a virtual dislike against Congress because it was Congress which had initially promised the statehood and backed out later. The differences within the Congress leaders and the situation allowed KCR to dominate the political agenda around which all parties are compelled to design their strategies. In other words Congress allowed the growth of the Frankenstein of KCR created by TDP and it is ready to swallow Congress and TDP at any time in the future. This is not going to change anytime soon even if Congress gives in to the demand of Telangana. The credit will go to KCR and KCR only. Congress may try and corner some brownie points but fact remains that it is KCR who shall get the credit. That is why the congress men are grasping for political breath like fish out of Telangana waters.

The realization that KCR would walk away with credit is making the congress men run from pillar to pillar from North block to 10, Janpath begging for a solution which can help them come out of the political quagmire that is making of their own party. They are like wandering animals looking for green pastures in a desert. With Oasis not in sight they are chasing the mirages. They talk in different tones and in variant tenors, but theydo not sound music to the ears of people of Telangana.

Soon, the people would hit the roads and the region would turn into battle fields. Are we destined to witness another Egypt in the streets of Telangana? Will the banks of Godavari turn a stage for another struggle in the history of Telangana? Or the war cries of Telangana people go down the sounds of rushing Krishna waters?

Or will it turn out into another game show of political parties where people are pawns and the politicians are their movers?

Let us cross our fingers and hope for the better. Let the aspirations of four crore people bear fruits. Let us not see bloodbaths but witness celebrations of fulfillments. Let the state map be redrawn and the people to be drawn together with no malice and hatred. As Telangana protagonists say” let us divide as regions and come together as brothers”. Let us allow the people to write their own fate.

Can our politicians allow us dwell in peace? Or will they make us cry “Peace....where are you?”

Anonymous said...

The administration in Andhra Pradesh's Telangana region may come to a standstill from Thursday as the struggle for a separate Telangana state enters a crucial phase with the launch of a non-cooperation movement.

The Telangana Joint Action Committee (JAC), comprising the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and other groups fighting for separate state, has called for the non-cooperation movement to demand a bill in the parliament's budget session beginning Feb 21.

Government employees, teachers, doctors, lawyers and students have already announced their participation in the movement to mount pressure on the government. The employees have rejected the state government's appeal to stay away from the agitation and said they would not be deterred by use of the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA).

With employees of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and the Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) also joining in, there are apprehensions that even the basis civic services will be paralysed.

Transport services in the region comprising Hyderabad and nine other districts may also come to a standstill with the employees of state-owned Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) backing the movement.

The electricity supply is likely to be affected if the Telangana employees of transmission companies join the protest. The government is already worried over the possible impact of the movement on health services with a section of employees of health department gearing up to participate in the movement.

JAC has already appealed people not to buy tickets while travelling in state-owned APSRTC buses and not to pay taxes and utility charges.

Questioning the legitimacy of the government, JAC convenor M. Kodandaram claimed that it does not represent the interests of people of Telangana and hence the non-cooperation movement.

The Communist Party of India (CPI) Tuesday decided to support the non-cooperation movement. 'I appeal to all sections of people to actively participate in it,' said CPI state secretary K. Narayana.

Leaders of the ruling Congress party favouring a separate state have also declared their support to the movement. The Telangana TDP Forum, which represents Telangana leaders of the main opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP), is also backing the movement.

A group of Congress legislators have been camping in New Delhi for the last two days to convince the central leadership to agree to the demand for tabling the Telangana bill in parliament.

The non-cooperation movement has already begun in some districts of Telangana with people travelling RTC buses without tickets.

As a prelude to the movement, JAC staged protests in different parts of Telangana on Tuesday. During one such protest at Bellampally in Adilabad district, a protestor attempted self-immolation. He was admitted to a local hospital, where his condition is stated to be critical.

Though Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy warned ministers from Telangana against supporting the non-cooperation movement, a senior minister from the region Tuesday said protest was the employees' right. IT Minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah, however, said the protestors should ensure that people were not put to inconvenience.

As the non-cooperation movement is coinciding with the budget session of state legislature, the government is worried over not just the political impact of the movement but also the required administrative support to smoothly run the session.

Minister for Legislative Affairs D. Sridhar Babu appealed to employees of the legislature to cooperate with the government as the budget was crucial for the entire state.

Anonymous said...

i clearly see the combination of hitler, mohd ali jinnah and bindranwale in you.
nararoopa rakshasudiviraa nuvvu
kcr seemandhrulani tiduthune untaadu
at th same time vaadi channel lo seemandhra movies and business products advertisements.most characterless fellow on this earth is kcr.
emannavu raa.tresspass into their homes aa.
inkodiki harm cheyyanantha varuku ekkadaina undatam na janma hakku
asalu naaku nee manaska sthithi meeda dobt vastundi

Anonymous said...

you are saying 70% of govt income comes from telangana.does it include the taxes payed by non telanganaites also?
i.e.oeople from other regions and outside a.p.
anyway i dont expect much logic in arguements from an inhuman beast like you who worships nathuram godse

God said...

aa kondaram gaadu nelaku velaku velu rupayilu jethalu teesukuntu ac rooms lo untu vaadi pillalni matram usa pampincaadu
ikkada matuku mullah type lo prajalani rechhakoduthu vidveshalu srushtistunnadu
govt employees political activities lo undakoodadu ane minimum ingitham kooda ledu veediki

God said...

and ya. i forgot to say
even in the height of the agitation i extended financial help to quite a few telangana friends and will continue to do so even if this bloody agitation intensifies.typical example of godseygiri of raj vs my gandhigiri
meeku unna oke okka aayudham-telangana lo seemandhrula kante seemandhra lo unde telangana prajalu takkuva.
this is THE ONLY advantage of your hoologanism.
asalu ee raj gaadnini tittadaniki maatalu ravatledu.
chee veedi bthuku

deepak said...

seemandhra jillalaki varada saayam andinchina manavatvam ekkadiki poyindi?
is your humanity hijacked by kcr after november 29 2009?

raj_idiot said...

u are saying that 70% of income comes from your region and at the same time saying it is backward.
mari income ekkada nundi vastundi?
oka pakka kcr family and party karyakartalu seemandhrula nundi mamools vasulu chestu, vaademo lagadapatiki publicga "i love you" chebutunte nuvvemo social boycott antunnav.
nayakulake leni pranteeya bhavaalu samanyulaki enduku?
asalu manishi ela undakoodadu ninnu choosi nerchukovali.
i still wonder how a person as perverted and evil minded has ever taken birth

Anonymous said...

bhayam kaadu.jaali vestundi ilanti inhuman people ela puttaro ani.and oke vella bhayam vesina, yes shantaparulaki rowdies ante enduku bhayamo anduku bhayam vestundi
on one hand u condemn islam for its hatred and violence towards other religions and, on the other hand you call for the same violence against others.
neeku vallaki teda enti?
do as you have written and i can assure you, telangana will be boycoted by the rest of the world.
already nascomm and cii have expresed apprehensions about investments.the day is not far away when no it/bpo company pvt firm or mnc will set up ventured in hyd and existing ones will also pull out.
kaani kevalam govt jobs meeda adhara pade ou studentski (30 yrs vachi inka students ento) ivemi pattavu.
they are least bothered about the reputation of brand hyderabad which they call as "gundekaya" of hyd.

ilove India said...

ee rojullo prathi vedhavaki blog start chesi edo nonsense raayadam fashion ayipoyindi.
most meaningless and immature article ever.
raj dear, there is something called as rent control act.u cant ask people to vacate as and when u wish