Wednesday, June 13, 2012

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy threatens to go on Hunger Strike .

YS Jagan is perhaps in an confused stage thinking he is still the Natural heir to the AP throne . He made a big issue of not providing Bullet Proof car during the Court transit . And also complained that his Darling Wife YS Bharati is not allowed to visit him in Jail frequently . Wot does he think , he is in Jail fighting peoples issues ? Let this brigand understand that he is in, coz of his fraudulent & criminal activities . And all are equal before the Law . In fact he shud have been hand-cuffed and paraded on road for the plunder he did, that wud  deter others from committing financial crimes.

His other complaint was his Darling Wife is not allowed to meet him in Jail by authorities . Prison rule book says relatives can meet only thrice in a week . Being an 2 time MP , is he not aware of the Rule ? If so why cheap tactics and threaten the Honorable Judge that he will sit on "Hunger Strike" until his demands are met.

So Bullet Proof Car and meeting his Darling wife is more Important to him than Public issues . May be tomorrow this megalomaniac would complain/demand he may be allowed to have some private time with her Wife inside the Jail , so that he can remit the close door duties of a Husband . Watch out, he may petition Honorable Judge for 'Conjugal' visits of his Wife YS Bharati. By the way, will this megalomaniac Jagan tell us how many times did his wifey dear has met him during his Odarpu Yatra ?? I dont think she ever accompanied him in his Yatra drama , then why is he expecting authorities to allow his wifey for ' mulaqat ' inside Prison on daily basis ?

He is so shameless that every time he comes out of Jail on his way to Court, he sports a Close-Up Smile and waves at the standing Photographers as if its OKAY to be in Jail . Utterly Shameless. Even a small time Prostitute, when arrested hides her face behind dupatta out of shame , But this megalomaniac Jagan pose for Clicks outside the Jail , as if he has done something Big for the Public . This Megalomaniac need an Psychriatic treatment , sooner the better.

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