Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gurupoornima : Bhagwa Dwaj - My Guru !

Today is Gurupournima , the day to offer respects to ones Guru. I offer my respects to my Guru "Bhagwa Dwaj" (Saffron Flag) . The reasons for choosing 'Bhagwa Dwaj' as "Guru" is , this flag has been embodiment of Bharateeyata and been unique symbol of Hinduness . From the days of Lord Rama (even before) 'Bhagwa Dwaj' was instrumental inspiring the masses . It was decorated on the chariots , palaces & temples. This flag has inspired likes of Chatrapati Shivaji , Rana Pratap, Jhansi Rani & Rajmata Ahalya Bhai to fight against tyranny and uphold the essence of Hindu Dharama. Thus Bhagwa Dwaj has been 'guiding' spirit of my soul and today I bow to my Guru "Bhagwa Dwaj".

On this auspicious  Gurupooornima also called as Vyasa Poornima, I also bow to the Adi-Guru, Veda Vyas.

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