Tuesday, July 24, 2012

YS Vijaya & her Andhra goondas welcomed with broom sticks, chappals in Telangana

YSR Widow Christian Fanatic YS Vijaya displays Bible ( left hand ) during Party meeting , Telangana activists protesting YS Vijaya's tour.

Despite State Violence perturbed by Andhra Police & YS Vijaya Goondas on Telangana natives , Protesters were seen all along 170 Kms from HYD-Siricilla. YS Vijaya's Danda-Yatra of Telangana went on with total support from State govt.  Never before an HELICOPTER was used by State Govt for protection of an Individual . Helicopter Aerial Survey , 1 DIG , 3 SP, 12 ASP, 17 DSP, 25 CI, 70 SIs , 115 A-SI's, 5000 Constables & 4 company of CRPF deployed/used for the success of YS Vijaya Telangana tour . Apart from this YS Vijaya moved in a 1000 Vehicle Convoy along with 6000 Seema Goondas . This did not stopped Telangana Protesters from coming on to road.

YS Vijaya came to Siricilla Holding BIBLE in one hand . This reminds her strong Christian leanings . One fail to understand what was the need of displaying religious book from Party platform . All her hungama reminds us of Christian Crusades of yesteryears. This is how Church invaded African Continent. Christian Missionaries in Africa entered with Bible in one hand and Gospel preachings. Later found natives holding Bible and Missionaries taking away their Lands. This is Church ways of invasion. YS Vijaya too hold the Bible in one hand and Mic in other. For her, religion is not something personal but an Exhibitionism & a Statement. It looks like Telangana now faces threat not just from Andhra Plutocrats but even from Christian Fanatics.

Women activists came out in a big number to Protest against Andhra Invasion of Telangana . They hid in Paddy fields and stormed the convoy as it reached their vicinity . The Flash-Mob of Women activist all along the Route and at Dias has surprised even Police Dept. Broom sticks , Chappals, Eggs , Tomatoes , Stones rained on YS Vijaya convoy all along , she hid herself on the dais behind Gunmen . Police Laticharged 20 times at Dais to disperse the Protesters. This is a Lesson to all Andhra Plutocrates who want to venture into Telangana. Unless you give clarity on statehood , consequences will be same. If Andhra Plutocrats wants to enter Telangana and take Chappal-beatings from Natives , then most Welcome.


Anonymous said...

Orey vedava, development enduku kaaledu ani mee telangana leaders ni niladiyyanid raa. Ante gaani seperate state kavali ante ela.

Atleast ippudu you are much better. Seperate state vachindante mee leaders mimmalni adukku thinela thayaru chestaaru.

Nee mohaaniki malli desa bhakti kooda undaa, if you are so concerned about the country unity, then you should worry about state unity also.

Write some sensible articles, you ethic less brute.

Anonymous said...

Rey kula gaiji naa kodaka..ys family ni antha ga antha ga thidthu raastunnave naa kodaka ys chanipoka mundu okka article kuda raayaledem appudu leni dairyam ippudu vachinda kojja naa kodaka..telangana Meeda anthaga edche naa kodukuvi velli aa kcr gadini thanni adagara sakalajanula samme enduku aagindo,million march adrs lekunda poindo....kothi chethiki kobbari chippa dorikinatlu me andariki oka issue dorikindi telangana ani