Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Apocalypse : Misunderstood the Mayan's

Last night around 11:20 IST, someone called me, it displayed a number instead of my phone book name. The person called me after a long time, as the conversation went on, that person said "Raj , though i do not believe in World ending on 21 December, but to be on best side , i thought of calling you and talk to you for one last time before Death" . Sweet ! So there's One person on this weird planet who will think of ME even in death. What else can be more precious than these feelings , what more can one Earn than this in One's Life ?? Glad, I Earned One !!!

This may sound weird , but we might all have pondered upon this Apocalypse. Atleast for once we might have thought what if World comes to an End on 21 December. Atleast i accept, I did, i felt if Apocalypse is true then i would not be alive next day to witness my Birthday. You can call it as apocalyptic stupidity , but the truth is such things fancy our wildest imaginations.

Apocalypse no one want it happening during their life time. Why ?? Cause we fear Death. Can it be avoidable ? Nope. yet we fear and wanna escape it. Most of us believe in God (of our choice) , We Pray him , We Love Him. We believe he stays in "Vaikuntam" i.e Heaven waiting for us. Still none of us want to welcome Death, to be with God in heaven. Earthly affections shudders us at such remotest thought of going to God. Despite our scriptures telling us Heaven, the Gods Abode is beautiful & Peaceful , none of us want to leave our 2 Bedroom Flat and travel to be at HIS Abode , over the plains.

This Apocalypse theory is probably most debated subject on this planet, it crossed all the boundaries . Our inability to understand a simple Calender of ancient tribe "Mayan's" led to this fiasco of madness. Mayans never said about End of the world, their Calender comes to an End on 21 Dec and we misread it and profound the theory of Apocalypse . Iam sure after 21 December tons of pages will be wasted by writers blaming Mayan inexactitude .

"Will the World Come to an End" ?? Yes and NO. Yes because anything that which is born/created has to End. In that way One Day like all Humans and the World has to End. WHEN ?? Thats the big Q which goes unanswered. But Logic says World started ending since the Day it was created/formed. Global Warming , increasing number of Cyclones, Earth Quakes all tell us of an END to come.

Things are changing very fast. Hindu scriptures mention shift of North- South poles which led to shift in "Meru" Mountain. Meru paravath , thats where most of Hindu's believe Swargh (Heaven) is . This shift is constantly happening , I read it somewhere that 18-20 degree shift of North-South poles is possible in coming year. Change is a natural thing to happen , Accept it. Only way left for us to extend or postpone the destruction is to start living with Nature peacefully . As a single species we did everything to annoy Mother Nature, now bear it. No Escape !!

In case if Dooms Day is real and take us with it (unfortunately it wont), I courteously wanna say 'Good-Bye' to all and meet you all at Hell/Heaven (if they exists) accordingly with your righteousness path you tread here.

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