Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Internal survey results on Telangana

Buzz is KCR has commissioned an internal survey last month in Telangana region to know the public pulse. The survey results were supplied to very few confidants of KCRwith in the party . Before the survey results were out, KCR was sure of sweeping the Telangana region all by himself. That arrogance was displayed when he called BJP a communal party and tried to showdown Prof Kodanda Ram of TJAC. This arrogance of his was punctured with the survey results. Results showed BJP gaining tremendously in Telangana . An vertical rise was seen. The survey results is said to be a wakeup call for  KCR to face the reality and brought him close to BJP & TJAC. His statement on supporting NDA and hobnobbing with BJP Prez Kishan Reddy gives a glimpse of his changed attitude .

According to Survey report,  if TRS & BJP fights next election individually both may gain a little but in case if they get into alliance and fight , the chances of sweeping entire Telangana are very high. If TRS, BJP & T-JAC fight unitedly people are ready to rally behind them. In case  TRS & BJP fight on their own, results say TRS may win 30-35 seats & BJP 10-12 seats. If they fight as allies they will sweep the region with 75-80 seats (out of 117). Another jolt for KCR was, Only 33% of TG ppl believed KCR will get Telangana state and remaining all voted for T-JAC & BJP as Telangana achiever . 75% of people felt that to get eparate state TRS should get into alliance with BJP in next election. Only relief for KCR was nearly 60% of people felt him as a true TG fighter.

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Anonymous said...

Trs party boss "kcr" is shocked and worried on the internal survey reports done by their own party in telangana region recently.according to it if trs does not have an alliance or merger with congress its mla's tally will be 25(119) and 3(17)mp's which are against to the previous survey reports.contrastingly congress who strived for state division along with mim alliance will also would get only 33(119) and 4(17)mp's and suprisingly tdp allied with bjp who are saying "telangana with equal justice" would get 58(119) and 10(17)mp's, rest 3(119) to independents(may be to ysrcp & loksatha!).so,according to trs cadre,he is strongly considering atleast a pre poll alliance if not a merger with congress & may declare it officially before 28th of this month