Thursday, February 14, 2013

What is the harm in celebrating 'Valentine's Day' ?

  1. There is no scientific or cultural basis to celebrating this day.
  2. The fact is that in many western countries 'Valentine's Day' is not celebrated at all.
  3. On this day young girls and boys come together at pubs, sea shores, hotels, colleges etc and indulge in indecent acts. A common person finds it difficult to even go around such places at this time. Some organisations organize such programs where the young boys and girls can stay together.
  4. The young students of schools and colleges are falling prey to this alien cultural influence and express their 'love' for each other by way of exchanging greeting cards. In reality what they experience at this tender and immature age is not love but a mere superficial attraction to the opposite sex.
  5. Psychiatrists can site several cases of people who have 'proposed' on 'Valentine's day' due to various shades of mental turmoil. Women who have been duped or lured by them and have married them have had to suffer great mental and physical torture.
  6. This practice is damaging as it results in a long lasting negative effect on any youth's career and also on society.
  7. The seeds of immorality which are planted on this day, later cause the destabilization of society through a general fall in morality.
  8. We can recognize a direct attack from an enemy outside but this cultural invasion is insidious and very difficult to recognize and so it is difficult to defend ourselves from its evil results.
  9. Cultural derailment always results in society heading towards destruction. This is what we are experiencing today in our Bharat (India).
  10. Many western countries do not celebrate this day. The Calendar of Roman Catholic Saints' was prepared in 1969, 'Valentines Day' was omitted from the general Roman calendar. If this is so, then why should we honour this day in our Hindustan?
  11. Western culture provides for placing parents in 'old age homes' and then superficially celebrates Mother's Day' and Father's Day' for just one day ! Can real love be limited to just a day ? Indian culture has a number of festivals that express love towards each other and these deep rooted bonds of love are an intrinsic part of our lifestyle.

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