Friday, February 15, 2013

Yes Love can do no harm to culture but commercialisation of Love can.

Interestingly this year there is not much celebrations of Valentines Day on Hyderabad streets. VHP & Bajrang Dal counsellings have worked. Only those people who flaunt Western Culture were seen celebrating , that to ONLY on FB's & other social Media. Glad that we got rid of this devilish commercialised festival.

Even  Shopping Malls and other Commercial establishments in Hyderabad too have almost stayed away from flaunting Valentine messages . Atlast, they understood that there are better ways and 364 more days in a calendar year to sell ones products than luring youth in corrupt way. I see big change in the youth as well , the only tribe , yet to change is English speaking self styled Intellectuals , whose Heart & Souls have been Harvested.
Today is Vasant Panchami a Hindu festival where Saraswati Mata and Mother Nature are worshiped by Hindu's . I was just wondering how many of "Valentine Day" celebrators are celebrating this. If the festi' had been an Western/Christian festival then FB timeline by now wud have choked with "Happy Vansant Panchami" messages. Double Standards. Can only sympathise with these Phony-Liberals & English speaking Intellectuals.
We are not against Love . Let Love blossom . Love can do no harm to the society or culture, but do not commercialise the LOVE for filling your pockets.

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