Sunday, July 21, 2013

The beginning of the End of KCR dominion in Telangana . Part V.

The beginning of the end of KCR hegemony . Part V.

Political Corruption is definitely an covert activity , robbing the tax payers money . It has its roots in almost all the countries, its a Global problem. Instead of cribbling on it , one should fight it and challenge it from every available Platform. If you cant challenge it , atleast speak about it openly. Be Brave & Be Smart , You decide who to govern you.

2 friends from my FB questioned me as why iam taking on KCR ??? And others after reading my precious posts too must be wondering the same . My write-up speaks as to why Iam taking on KCR. I strongly feel politicians like KCR are the reason for public to lose faith in Politics. Natives losing trust on the representatives who Govern them is an very dangerous trend for the Democracy. In the interest of Nation , such dangerous mistrust should be arrested.

Do I still favour a separate Telangana state , another asked ??? I DO . Telangana is my Motherland , i owe myself to it . My Love for Telangana State is like Himalayan Mountain , nothing can change its roots. I strongly feel that KCR is a weed spoiling the Garden of Telangana , weed has to be plucked and thrown away. And Iam working on the same lines.

What really bothered me is nearly 1000 students have committed suicides for ‪#‎Telangana‬ state in last 3 years. KCR along with Sonia G and Andhra Plutocrats have there share in driving students towards suicides. So , Suicdes and Police Lathis for Telangana students

The Leader , who promised Telangana , saying he has signals from Delhis, is now hiding in his farmhouse fearing a CBI Inquiry. It was SoniG on her Birthday announced Telangana state in 2009 , she backtraked few days later. KCR who rants against Andhraites has no guts to Question SoniaG in Parliament or in Media. have you ever seen KCR taking on Italian Mafoso ??? Nope !! It tells how much KCR fear SoniaG.

The other factor for KCR to drag Telangana issue is Extortion . For KCR & his Family Telangana sentiment has become a Money making Business . This is one such business where he does not have to invest any capital from his pockets. From Debts his family now lives in all kind of Luxuries.

KCR earlier life is no clean slate. he started his life as Dubai Passport/Visa broker. If you know anyone in Siddipet , ask them , they will narrate lot of untold stories. KCR in his 'puvashram' robbed the sweat money of poor labourers promising them a Job in Saudi Arabia. Number of criminal case were booked then against him , for some time he went absconding when poor labourers tried to trash him. KCR, maternal uncle who was then a Minister saved him from all the imbroglio.

The buck doesnt stope here with KCR. It now spread to his offspring too , the DNA of robing in the name of sentiment can be seen in his son KTR & daughter Kavitha. The beauty of KCR is , to avoid confrontation & confusion among the looters he has clearly demarked the Indstries . KCR Political opponents level charges that KTR extorts money from Software Companies , Kavitha from Film Industry , his nephew Harish Rao from Secretariat and KCR from Andhra Business Houses. He had made sure that no one will trespass int other zone.

When KCR raised Polavaram issue , we all stood on our legs to protest against the project . One fine day , KCR betrayed the Telangana Sakal janula Samme , surrendered to SoniaG and bagged Rs 4700 Crore Polavaram contract for his 'benaami' company. KCR raised voice against Metro Rail Route plan in HYD , we again stood with him , their Political opponents accuse that KCR family got supply contract from Metro L&T . The same with Ramoji Rao Film City , suitcases were exchanged , issue diluted ??? What about Nizam Sugar Factory , KCR said it will be privatised over his dead body, TDP MP Nama nageshawar Rao sent few suitcases and now KCR never talks about NSF.

When he started TRS in 2001 , you all mite remember that KCR collected Crore's in the name of starting a news paper called " Jai Telangana" . In fact "Jai Telangana" paper is owned by my friend Dr Prithviraj father Sangamreddy Satyanarayana , who is an Ex Cabinet Minister and Founder member of TRS. When the rightful Owner of the paper S.Satyanarayana asked the account details of money collected , he threw him out of the party.

Such sadful events of robing the peoples money by KCR Family exists in dozens or may be in hundreds. Today, Media or Opposition Leaders dare not to talk against KCR , any one raises a voice will be snubbed by dubbing him/her as Telangana Drohi. That gave him more courage to blackmail & embezzle public and Business Houses to rob in the name of Telangana sentiment . Just watch the growth of KCR , From a Passport/VISA Broker, now to owning TV Channel , Newspaper ,ShipYards and Mines.

We have witnessed how YSR family has looted the state exchequer to the tune of Rs 1Lakh Crore , then we were mute. Now the same fate loom large again on Tax payers money with KCR Family at helm of affairs.

In short KCR Family = YSR Family !!!

Mark my words , after August , Telangana will rise with a new dawn , will cut KCR to size and make him rub his FatNose on the ground. Thataastu !!!


Anonymous said...

Make Diety out of Telangana and ignoring rational thought is not a good sign for Telangana. Different people want Telangana for different reasons. Reddy-Velama feudals for their government contracts and power, Maoists for Maoist agenda, Dalits think they will hold the power (too bad Krishna Madiga was ditched), Then there are those who think Telangana is some goddess. What if Telangana name was Province 1- so people will say my love for province 1? Lanugage is a unifying basis in people for communication. What the seperatists don't see is with few MP's and different people wanting different types of Telangana and no more Andhra looters and settlers to blame all their troubles on they will be really wondering whose Telangana and what type of Telangana it is.
Endless agitations, mutinies, going back to Feudalism - I wish people used their IQ instead. Slaves of KCR, SONIA, RAJNATH SINGH. Totally confusing Telangana.

Anonymous said...

Kamma author from Andhra will always hate Telangana and Telangana elected representatives. Long long ago "the noble blood born kammas from Andhra" barked loudly against C.Rajagoplachari (the then CM of Tamil Nadu) that they – kammas from Andhra - developed Madras (now Chennai) from 1900-1956 and without the noble Kamma blood Madras was just a slum, lately barking on KCR that they – the noble blood kammas from Andhra - developed Hyderabad from 1956-2014 and without them people of world had no clue of Hyderabad, now hinting the growth of IT in USA specifically West Coast / Silicon valley (Intel, Microsoft, Google) is due to the Noble Blood of Kamma people like NTR and CBN who established Hindu Temples educated mathematics / programming to White people of West coast and sponsored TANA in San Francisco. In a conference I heard a TANA person speak (on loud microphone) that if it was not the noble blood of Kammas from Andhra the Internet would have not evolved, without Satya Nadella be born Microsoft would have not succeed (No pun to Satya though – He has no ties to the TANA community nor he is from Andhra and he is a good/smart hard worker who is known for getting results and maintains a low profile and doesn’t get involved in this Kamma Andhra media bias) … Yes this BS is what the TANA (the association dominated by 99% Kamma – the noble blood from Andhra) persons keeps telling in San Francisco meetings..

Anything KCR or a Telangana person says or does is Wrong in the eyes of Kamma – noble blood - dominated Andhra media (KCR and Telanganites will always be falsely portrayed as Hitler) ....
Anything CBN or a Kamma– noble blood - film actor from Andhra does (even if the actor defecates on screen) is Messiah bringing development, growth and Rama Rajyah to people and glory of the world.....Once CBN said he was behind developing Singapore – given he advised Singapore government earlier….

The root cause of Telangana people to seek a separate state is NOT because of people of Andhra...but the Kamma section of people from Andhra (NTR, CBN) who used Etv, Eenadu and media to portray that Kamma from Andhra are the Noble blood (in movies too) and The accent, customs of Telanagana people as Evil and villain’s..

The common man in Telangana thinks every person from Andhra is like CBN or Andhra movie person portraying there customs as evil and low..but the fact it is not every Andhraite mocks custom’s and accent of Telangana people…

Anonymous said...

Very Nice Article .Thanx for enlightening us .