Thursday, February 6, 2014

Andhraites will catch your hair if not will fall at your feet and beg.

Nearly 20 TDP MLAs fell at the feet of  Union Minister Jairam Ramesh pleading him not crate Telangana state. This Drama bought laughs all around . If at all these Seemandhra zealots are for United-AP then they should reach to Telangana masses and convince them to stay with them .

Telangana state was first announced in year 2009 , one would like to know what efforts did Seemandhra leadership did since then to convince Telangana natives against bifurcation. Instead of reaching to separate state protagonists , Andhraites used police force to crush the movement brutally. How can natives forget those 100's of tear gas shells and rubber bullets fired at Osmania University Students.

If at all these Seemandhra TDP leaders who fell at the feet of Union Minister are committed towards United-AP then they should first go and catch balls of TDP President Chandrababu Naidu for supporting Telangana formation.

Wot happened to your Telugu Pride ??? The above PIX tells the mentality of  Seemandhraites. Their cunningness is such that, if possible they will catch your hair and crush your head on the ground , if not they will fall at your feet and beg. The Pix also narrates how Seemandhraite future is going to be once Telangana state is formed . They again have to fall on our feet for their survival. Earlier too in late 50's they fell on feet of our Forefathers to enter Telangana for livelihood .

Yup Karma Haunts.

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