Thursday, April 30, 2015

Exemplary earthquake relief work by Swayamsevak's in Nepal .

#‎SevaBharati‬ in abroad is known as Sewa International .
Hundreds of Swayamsevaks under Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, Nepal ( Partner Organisation) are working relentlessly at Ground Zero in Nepal. They have fanned out even into remote villages. For last 4 days they were providing food, water and clearing debris.

Swayamsevaks & VHP have decided to adopt the Nepalese children who got orphaned due to earth quake . Such kids will be brought to India and get admitted in Residential schools run by Seva Bharati & VHP. Further pledged to re-build the houses and temples in Nepal.

Sewa International ( Sewa USA) has set a target of raising a minimum of $1 million for this cause. Thus far, have collected $100,000 through online and checks. SewaUSA have pledges of an additional $250,000.

If you are in USA, Please donate for ‪#‎NepalEarthquake‬ fundraiser at
All proceeds go to SEWA International and are tax exempt in USA as Sewa is a IRS registered non profit

Even senior Editors of Indian Media started praising work of Swayamsevaks in Nepal. Rahul Kanwal of Headlines Today applauded RSS Sewa work.

- A helpline has been organized for attending the people in distress.
- 10000 Blankets and 10000 Tarpaulins have been ordered from Bharat and are on way to Nepal today.
- Dry food packs have been arranged
Online donations at: in USA in UK

Dr. Adityanjee who has been a pillar of support to .

HINDU PHYSICIANS INTERNATIONAL is sending a medical relief mission to Nepal.
We need US based doctors with following backgrounds who are willing
to donate some professional time in Nepal for relief missions:
1. Trauma Surgeons
2. General Surgeons
3. Anesthesiologists
4. ER Physicians
5. Cardio-thoracic Surgeons
6. General Physicians
7. Nurses

Please contact:
Dr. Adityanjee, MD

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