Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bhu Devi , Please do not forsake us, save us from earthquake's

"prthivyam putraste janani bahavah santi saralah
param tesam madhye viralataralo ham tava sutah
madiyo yam tyagah samucitamidam no tava sive
kuputro jayeta kvacidapi kumata na bhavati."

O' Mother, on this earth you have many good sons and daughters but out of all these I am the most bad child of yours,  O' Goddess, you have forsaken me because I have not concentrated on you, this is not reasonable, Because a son can be bad, however, it is not in the Mother's nature to be bad.

Bhu Devi Lurch again , result is yet another earthquake in Nepal and Bihar two days back resulting nearly 100 deaths. This is gonna happen until we Human's realise the nature of Mother Earth, Bhu Devi. Pay respects to her as you do it with other Gods & Goddesses .

Remember Bhu Devi is personification of Goddess Lakshmi and married to Lord Vishnu ( Varhara). She along with Goddess Lakshmi resides on the chest of Lord Venkateshwara in Tirumala. We try to please Lakshmi mata for wealth and prosperity but ignore Bhu Devi whom we stomp upon. Bhu Devi who carries us, beholds us and tranform all our sin, garbage, dirt into pure is least recognised.

For how long Bhu Devi will allow us to tamper with her own existence? Lets be more responsible and sensitive towards Mother Earth. Lets be conscious of the fact that she is our Mother and we Her children. Lets not cut trees unnecessarily or pollute her with effluents/industry waste/non bio-degradable. Lets try to maintain equilibrium of Nature. Stop digging earth unnecessarily to pave way for concrete jungle.

We Humans should realise that we dont own nor creators of Mother Earth and all other living/non living beings do have equal right over Bhoomi. We Humans are insignificant in this marvelous divine creation. Remember She is the source of our existence not vice versa.

We are so pre-occupied in procuring wealth to give it to our descendants but in the process we forget that we have only one planet "Bhoomi" to live upon.

Did you ever notice a Indian Classical Dancer before his/her performance touches the ground with his/her hands and ask for forgiveness for stomping the feet on her . Lets consummate the same sensitivity by invoking ( and understanding) the below Prayer

"Samudra vasane devi parvata stana mandale
Vishnu patni namastubhyam paadasparsham kshamasvame"

O' Bhu Devi, who has the Ocean as Her garments and Mountains as Her breasts, who is the consort of Sri Vishnu, I bow to You. Please forgive us for touching You with our feet.

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