Monday, May 25, 2015

Integral Education - Part-I

Sri Krishna tells Arjuna in the 13th chapter of Bhagwad Geeta 11th sloka :

Etaj jnanam iti proktam
ajnanam yad ato nyatha

(Constant application to the study of spiritual texts and practice of discipline and clear aim of the goal of enlightenment and destiny of man- all these constitute knowledge, everything else is ignorance)

The main aim of the education should be training of mind as an instrument of imparting knowledge and not simply to sight the lust of materialism . Does our modern education guarantees 'character' , 'social outlook' ?? Does our education stress on development of mind towards collective consciousness of uplifting Humankind ?? Does current education aggrandize wisdom?? We all know the answer, an affirmative NO. Is it not right time to ponder upon alternative model and sow the seeds of Integral Education ??

My friend Ravi.V used to talk of Integral Education. I never understood his botheration on such subject in to-days education system, where it has become a money making Industry. Aurobindo Society and Pragna Bharati held few training sessions for school teachers on "Integral Education" . I accompanied Ravi to few of them. These sessions made me believe that Education is not just about knowledge gaining but more about imbibing discipline and focusing on lasting values.

Ask youngsters what he or she like to become and they would reply saying anything that guarantee them a great future in terms of making money in shortest time. GenNxt was never made to understand the holistic concept that education is more about gaining knowledge to be union with Humanity rather means towards making money.

In this context perhaps it would be appropriate to evaluate the worth and utility of money or its potential in as much as the inducement to education is focused on more money in the shortest time as mentioned above.

I studied Business Management from Bhavan's college. In one of Bhavan's journal it published the following lines :

money can buy a bed, but not sleep
money can buy books, but not knowledge
money can buy fruits but not sweetness

(will be continued)

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