Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Women in Hindu Dharma - Part V. Importance of family system.

Male chauvinism and Feminism are both harmful for harmonious existence of family system . The art of Male & Female relationship should not be weighed under the equal rights nor on economic freedom of Women. Where as Mutual understanding , dignity and responsibility will alone save the gender conflict that we often see among newly wedded couples. Strengthen ones relationship with trust and reciprocate the feeling, this alone will save the family system.

Bharateeya women especially the younger ones are in dilemma whether to follow the fashionable inherently failing Western model or the subtle but silently succeeding Bharateeya model. Often, Women are carried away by vociferous advocated of womens Lib's, now find themselves at cross roads - whether to earn for Rights or earn Reverence , whether to be Liberated or to be Venerated.

The sacred bond of Man & Woman has come under considerable strain bringing its wake, several aberrations. Along with class conflict, caste prejudice, communal bigotry, we have gender war going on . There is male chauvinism, now encountered by female chauvinism.

The pious relationship has been subjected to an un-healthy debate verging on vulgarity, to say the least. involved. The Media and pseudo social reformers are having a hayday inciting one against the other with no personal stakes

Not all Women are innocent, Not all Men are violent. The Gender war is not in the interest of Family. The gender equality can be addressed through traditional family values prevalent to changes by the present social condition. Mother Nature has defined the roles for men & women, let abide by it with current societal changes. One has to remember that it’s the Family that holds the society, if family is tampered upon with brutal assault of gender liberation then there might not be any society nor any values. Let not our intelligence get clouded in Male or Female chauvinism. May good sense prevail and harmony in families flourish.

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