Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Relevance of coalition government's - 1

It is now being trotted out , very vociferously by the media and other entities of Political arena that the era of coalition governments has come to stay in our polity, where political parties swearing in the name of different ideologies while making a common cause in the name of 'Secularism' will take the center stage of governance hereafter.

It is also being made out that the walking in & out of such an arrangement of coalition by parties who identify themselves with the panacea of 'Secularism' now and then, being unable to pull together and yet supporting such a coalition either from inside or from outside.

In Juxtaposition to the said pattern of coalition, the political party which is branded as communal outfit and non-secular , which makes 'Hindutva' the chore of its political ideology, constitutes the other segment and which believes that as a cohesive unit it can offer a better alternative of governance and that a notch potch arrangements of a coalition with hate for 80% of populations religious beliefs can not ensure good governance much less stability.

In between , the Regional parties, some of whom, infact do not subscribe to any ideology as such, except Regionalism, have also come to occupy a prominent place in the political scenario .

It is also sought to be projected that the people of this country have deliberately given the mandate for a coalition keeping in view the heterogeneous state of things. At the outset there appears to be inherent contradiction if not a fallacy in the entire argument . There is a deliberate attempt by the vested interests to wean away the people from a definitive attitude by distorting the perspective.

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