Monday, February 29, 2016

Essence of Bharata Dharma

A study of the concept of "Hindutva" or "Hinduism" or "Bharatiyata" (these terms being interchangeable) is at once fascinating and a marvel. Its like the cosmic order as it unfolds itself in all its manifestation, it gets gigantic as we dwell deeper and deeper into it. Just like the "Vishwaroopa" shown to Arjuna by Lord Krishna in the battle field of Kurukshetra.

"Hindutva" is way of Life and a phenomenon combining in itself the Socio-Cultural-Religious-Economic-Political and spiritual aspects. This is exactly why we say "Hindutva" is way of Life, its inseparable and one flowing into other.

To examine and test the genesis of "Hindutva" with narrow , restrictive and negative mindset on parameters of recent origin of secularism or on Western values will be a futile attempt to understand the real essence of Bharata Dharma.

A moment comes in the history of a nation when in the course of social transformation , its people out of ignorance and having become bankrupt of ideas take recourse to the easy way of imitation. We see "Valentines Day" as more fashionable to our "Karva Chauth" (where married Hindu women fast for their husbands long prosperous life from sunrise to moon rise) . Did our Valentine wishers and Western apers ever wished you on any Hindu Festival ? NOPE. They spurn the traditional rituals and heritage. As a consequence every thing that is alien is depicted as virtue and fashionable.

We seem to be passing through such a phase of self-condemnation. Bereft of the correct perspective , the English educated liberals making a mockery of its past , subjecting it to ridicule. It is these English educated liberals who mock Hindu festivals and culture to pose as modern and cool.

Many of the old practices which preserved the essence of our tradition and nurtured the "Rta" (cosmic order) have come to be discarded as unscientific. Unless we wake-up to the reality and re discover ourselves, restore "Hindutva" ie Bharata to its pristine glory we may be trapped in the cesspool of an all pervading immortal an unethical existence.

Let not the the posterity point , an accusing finger at this generation that it had condemned itself to an evil way of life imitating the West.

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Anonymous said...

I was in Rishikesh in 2001 the first time, it was a serene place … temple bells and mantras enchanted my ears.

I was the last time in Rishikesh in 2010, it mutated to a westernised tourist place … modern music and western ‚Yogis‘.

India is selling his great heritage to the West, not only in Rishikesh. India is selling Yoga, not respecting was Yoga acutally is. Yoga in the West is mutated to physical exercise only. You can become a Yoga teacher within 4 weeks!!! Tantra is mutated to sex only. You would not believe if I would tell you more details.